Astrology and Karma

Astrology and Karma 

As we know that Kundali or horoscope is nothing but map of our karma in past life birth.What we store in past life it is comes with us in form of horoscope.

According to our Vedic culture
Karma = Our Physical acts + Mental acts + spiritual acts.

Physical acts what we doing in physical activities such as our daily work, helping other, quarrel other, etc.

Mental action what we think in mental plane,our thinking etc.

Spiritual action — action we do for our sprits. Sprits means here our Antaratma.

In all 3actions, Spiritual action is very powerful. It is capable to transform all other action.

When our spirit means Our Atma is purified all others action automatically Purify.

Then questions arise how to Purify our Spirit. This may be Purify with help of a great Guru.You have to find a proper Guru for  this.

If you have no Guru then we believe Lord Shiva is universal Guru.
You can make him as Guru.Try to connect your spirit with Shiva.

Why the way this is not our Subject. It is subject of Spirituality.

Now let’s go in other part

As we believe any action taken by Humans is due to his past karma( here we talk all karma including past life karma and this life karma). So all good and bad effects in human life may be belong to Past life.

So everything is in this world as a pre destiny. So if any one talk that he may change there destiny is just doing hypocrisy.  
Keep in mind any thing regarding destiny may change by only God.
That’s why we Astrologer recommend workship of Lord regarding curing any bad events of Life.

One other rule is it may neither change but may be improve by a long or proper karma.

Suppose any body horoscope we seen any heart problems then we can advice Surya namaskar, morning walk, mediation, pranayam etc very before a event is fruitful. This is our limitations. We can’t cure his heart problems but we give suggestions for taking precautions. So when events is fruitful he may capable to handle it physically or mentally.

We also keep in mind birth of native in a particular family, village, state, country, world(yug) is due to his past karma. One born with royal status, one born with poor family etc is impact of his past life karma.

Apart from this we also keep in mind apart from Native karma we have also impact of karma of our Mother, father, family, village, city, state , country, and Yug(world) in decreasing order. Means Mother first and Yug last.
For example in current world situation  a native of Siriya is facing war. May be native karma is very good but he may facing such type situation due to Past Karma of his country.

Now we goes to next part of Karma.
Karma is dived in 4part

1) Sanhita  Karma
2)Prarabdha  karma
3)Kriyamana Karma
4)Agama karma

Sanhita karma — It is collection of all our karma is previous life and this current previous time.

Prarabdha karma — Those karma which is ready to execute. Means karma which is ripped just like fruits. And now we are ready to eat this fruits.

Kriyamana karma —  the actions or Karm which we perform right now.

Agama karma — Those actions which we perform in Future time.

Now we can’t change our sanchit karma. Because it is in previous part of life. Prarabdha is also not changeable. 

Kriyamana karma we may change by our free will. But it is also a very difficult for change.

Agama karma —- From here we Astrologer works start by advising good karma, precautions etc to cure Agama karma.

Agama is nothing it is fruits of
Sanchit karma + Prarabdha + kriyamana karma.

We can advice Native that from its free will he may try to change a kriyamana karma so agama may be improve.

Such as  we pointed a native may be suffering from B.P. in upcoming times so we can advice keep his mind cool. He may trying some breathing remedy such as pranayam , meditation etc which can cure his stress. So it is a long run method to improve his agama.

I hope u understand better.

Now from horoscope  we can know different types of events.
For this purpose Karma is dividing in 3parts.

1)Drigdha karma— Those events which cannot be changed. It has very strong indications in horoscope.  Means Fixed karma. Such as death.

2)Drigdha – Adirgdha karma — those events which can be changed by very strong will power. It has medium indications. Such as marriage. In a horoscope it is fixed marriage happened or not happened. Means it is fixed karma. But when marriage is happens it is also fixed but through a very strong will native may change it by other deciding he may marry around 20years or marry around 30 years.  But timing of marriage is a fixed events but in a changeable time frame.

3)Adrigha karma — A non fixed  type of karma. Those types of actions which may be chargeable. Such as giving donation to others, doing exercises, health checkup etc.

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