Rahu In Sagittarius Sign

       Rahu In Sagittarius Sign 

1)Before knowing the effect of Rahu in Sagittarius Sign first we have to know about Rahu and Sagittarius Sign. Sagittarius Sign is 9th house of kalpurush and Rahu is placed here so you may read Rahu in 9th house.

2)Now let’s we know from classical book regarding Rahu in Sagittarius Sign 

Bhrigu Nadi 

When Rahu in Sagittarius Sign in birthchart native will be born in a house which is situated in Eastern part of city and the road in front of house may running from East to West. He may be suffering from problems belong to thighs and lower back. It is assumed that he may curse his guru in previous life so in this life he may be suffering from piles. His spouse may of danger of life in early period. He meets a lots friends/business partner during his travels. He has a lots of knowledge but doesn’t has sufficient educational certificates. His spouse may lose his things frequently. He has very courageous. He has danger from heights, woods, forests, animal etc. His father may be interested in forigen traveling. He has also danger from learned person. He also has danger from isolation.

3)Rahu in Sagittarius Sign makes native argumentive. His speech may heart others. He is very ambitious and want to aims on multiple goal. But it may possible he lose his concentration due to multiple aims. 

4)He may be wanderer. He may be very frank. He may loves adventures and adventures may also cause dangerous for him. He is very independent. It may also possible he may be famous. He may be political from mentality.

5)If Rahu is well placed in Sagittarius Sign then native may be very religious and getting fast  progress in his religious path. If not well placed then native may has disfaith on religion and involving in criticism of religion.

6) Rahu in Sagittarius Sign may cause misunderstanding with father. He has good knowledge or having research type knowledge. He may getting hidden vidya. 

7)Rahu in Sagittarius Sign makes native rich and fully materialistic. He may goes to foreign place. It may also possible native has more girls children.

8)If you want to know more about Rahu then you may read this link.


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