Rahu In Capricorn Sign

       Rahu In Capricorn Sign 

1)Before knowing effect of Rahu In Capricorn Sign we have to know about Rahu and Capricorn Sign.  Capricorn Sign is 10th house of kalpurush and Rahu is placed in Capricorn Sign so you may read  Rahu In 10th house.

2)Now let’s we know from different classical book regarding Rahu In Capricorn Sign

Bhirgu Naadi 

When  Rahu in Capricorn Sign in birth chart native will be born in a house which is situated in Southern part of city and road in front of city may running from South to North. He has suffering due to weak knees or problems in knees. He may be suffering from problems due to a local powerful man. He may leave his homeland due to danger from bad person or neighbors. His mother may be suffering from a lots of stress in her life. His children may be suffering from evil eyes which makes him frequently sick. He may be suffering from his mother in laws. Generally he do nothing but always busy in serving politicians, poor or needy people. He may gets good success in politics. He may has danger to water during traveling to holy places.



3)Rahu in Capricorn Sign indicating native may be very selfish. He extremely loves his privacy. He may be reserved type person. Native is creating hypocrisy regarding discipline. Means he shows discipline nature to others but actually he is not a disciplined man.

4)He is expert in negotiate. He is also experts in criticism. He is brave and fearless. He has not satisfied from both professional or family life.

5)Rahu in Capricorn Sign indicating native may be involving in immoral acts. He may be earn through forigen matters or illegal ways. He may be experts in fishing people. He is always try to sell dreams to others. He may be always ready to take extremely risk.

6) If you want to know more about Rahu then you may read this link.

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