Ketu In Sagittarius Sign

       Ketu In Sagittarius Sign 

1)Before Knowing the effect of Ketu in Sagittarius Sign first we have to know about Ketu and Sagittarius Sign.  As Sagittarius Sign is 9th house of kalpurush and Ketu is placed here so you may read Ketu in 9th house.

2)Now let’s we know from different classical book regarding Ketu in Sagittarius Sign 

Bhirgu Nadi 

When Ketu in Sagittarius Sign in birthchart native will be suffering from problems regarding thighs or danger of falling from heights. He may be learn aurvedic medicines. He may be Inclination towards Spirituality knowledge. He may also try to cheat their teacher or guru. He may goes for long distance travel regarding spiritual journey. For native this life may be beginning of his spiritual journey. He may attained liberation in next 2 upcoming life. He may pray to Lord Ganesha for getting liberation.  He may faces losses from east direction.

3)Ketu in Sagittarius Sign indicating native may has some dispute with his father. Father’s health may be down. 

4)Ketu in Sagittarius Sign indicating native may be spiritual or religious. He may be interested in tantra or Mantra.  He has very clear thoughts. He may be very truthful. He may be argumentive and very frank. He is very independent.

5)Ketu in Sagittarius Sign indicating native may be a person who is very concentrate towards his aim. He may be fortunate and having good prosperity. He may be good communicator.

6)Ketu in Sagittarius Sign indicating native may be cheated others through his voice.  He may be egoistic and short temper. He may be interested in show-off himself. He may be suffering from Problems related to hips or thighs.

7) Ketu in Sagittarius Sign indicating native may be traveling long distance or forigen place regarding his religious activities.

8)If you want to know more about Ketu you may read this link.

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