Ketu In Pisces Sign

          Ketu In Pisces Sign 

1)Before knowing the effect of Ketu in Aries sign we have to know about Ketu and Pisces Sign. Pisces Sign is 12th house of kalpurush and Ketu is placed here so you may read Ketu in 12th house.

2)  Now let’s me know from different classical book regarding Ketu in Pisces Sign

Bhirgu Nadi 

When Ketu in Pisces Sign in birthchart native will have problems in their feet. He may gets liberation in this life. He has not good bed pleasure. He doesn’t enjoying happiness of martial life. He may has danger by water or death by hanging. He may gets victory over his enemies. He may facing losses through North direction. He may has to struggles a lot for getting a little much profits.At last stage of his life he may lives on holly place. He may work as preach or spiritual organization.



3) Ketu in Pisces Sign indicating native may be very emotional or spiritual. Native may be extremely liberal. He may be very interested in occults. He doesn’t practical approach regarding life.

4)Ketu in Pisces Sign may cause native may leave his homeland. He has wandering nature. He doesn’t has good peace in mind. He may wandering to get peace of mind.

5)Ketu in Pisces may be indication of liberation from life circle. Because ketu is karak of liberation and Pisces is end of Rashi circle which also represent life circle in our vedic knowledge. Otherwise it may cause problems in sleeping. He may don’t have sound sleep.

6) Ketu in Pisces Sign may cause unnecessary expense by native. He may lost his parental property.  It may cause dishappiness or detachment with  marrige life. Native may be very interested in spirituality or doing healing or meditation.

7)If you want to know more about Ketu then you may read this link.

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