Saturn In Aquarius Sign

      Saturn In Aquarius Sign 

1)Before knowing effect of Saturn in Aquarius Sign first we have to know about Saturn and Aquarius Sign. As Aquarius Sign is 11th house of kalpurush and Saturn is placed here so you may read Saturn in 11th house. As Saturn has lordship of 10th and 11th house of kalpurush and placed in 11th house of kalpurush so you may read 10th house lord in 11th house and 11th house lord in 11th house.

2)Now let’s we know from different classical book regarding Saturn in Aquarius Sign

Brihat Jatakam 

When Saturn in Capricorn sign or Aquarius sign in horoscope Native will has desire of other’s man women and wealth. He is leader of town, force or village. He has little eye sights or not thinking for long terms or having bad thoughts. He is not well dressed. He has stable wealth and prosperity. He is enjoying materialistic happiness.


When Saturn in Aquarius Sign in horoscope native will be experts in speaking lies. He will be very famous. He will be inclined towards wine, women and worst habits. He is very fraud man and don’t have morality. He has friendship with bad man. He has very ill temper. He doesn’t has understanding of knowledge, traditional mythics and traditional knowledge (shruti). He has desire of other man’s wife and wealth. He speaks harshly but in sweet mode. He attempts to doing many types of acts.


Saturn in Aquarius Sign produce a great man who tells many lies. He is always attached to drink, women and addiction. His friendship is bad and who cheat and rouge. He is skillful in starting many business. His money is secure. He gets pleasure in other’s men’s wives and money. He is outside of shruti, smriti, science and stories. He speaks roughly.


3)Saturn in Aquarius Sign makes native fully materialistic. He has good wealth and lasting upto his old age. He may has many sources of income. He is a hard working man but he gets easy money.

4)Saturn in Aquarius Sign gives native a lots of immoral desires. He is sensual. He has lots of sexual desires.

5)Saturn in Aquarius Sign indicating native may has sound health. He has successful professional life. He may doing many types of business. He may wants to work independently. 

6)Saturn in Aquarius Sign indicating  native may has big friends circle. But his most of friends are belongs from lower people or wicked people. He may gets benefits from them.

7)Saturn in Aquarius Sign is indicating native may be political mind. He may be famous. He may be karta of his family.

8)If you want to know more about Saturn then you may read this link.

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