Jupiter In Capricorn Sign

       Jupiter In Capricorn Sign

1)Before knowing effect of Jupiter in Capricorn Sign we have to know about Lord of Sky Jupiter and Capricorn Sign. As Capricorn is 10th house of kalpurush and Jupiter is placed here so you may read Jupiter in 10th house. Jupiter is lord of 9th and 12th house of kalpurush and placed in 10th house so you may read 9th house lord in 10th house and 12th house lord in 10th house.

2)Let’s we know from different classical book regarding Jupiter in Capricorn Sign

Brihat Jatakam
When Jupiter in Capricorn Sign in birthchart native will be mean in conduct. He will have little money and he doesn’t happy.

When Jupiter is placed in Capricorn Sign native will have less productivity power regarding children. He will be suffering from hardworking. He will have many types of sorrows. His conduct will be mean and he will be fool. He will be died very far away place or gets bad end(actually the word used is( दुरन्त) and will be poor. He will serve others. He will be devoid from auspiciousness, kindness, purity, affection of own relatives and religion. He will have weak physique and not brave. He will be interested in living other places. He will be poisoning from Mind.

Jupiter in Capricorn produces a gentle man of little strength. He will gets delights in performing base deeds. He will gets bad end. He will be poor and fool man who serves others man. He will have to labour hard and suffering from sorrows. He will be devoid of righteousness (dharma). He will has neither love nor compassion for his relatives. He will be a quarrelsome person with weak bodily strength. He is a traveler who is timid in conflict.


3)Capricorn is debilitating sign for Jupiter so it may be reduced good significant of Jupiter. Jupiter is karak of wisdom when it is placed in his debilitating sign Capricorn so native may be mean by wisdom. He doesn’t so much fortunate and also not good for wealth and children. Native may be non comprising man and may be selfish. He may be very criticising by nature.

4)Jupiter in Capricorn sign indicating native may be inclination towards serve others. Native may not gets top most position. He may be inclination towards social welfare.

5)Jupiter in Capricorn sign indicating native may be famous. He may have goes to far away place from his home land for professional purpose. But it may not good for father. It may also cause problems through government.

6)Jupiter in Capricorn sign indicating native may have little children. Native may expense his wealth on authority or royal families. Native may be suffering from unhappiness from children.

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