Second House Lord In Eight House

      2nd house Lord in 8th house

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    Second Lord In Eighth House

1).Before knowing effect of 2nd lord in 8th house we have to know about Dhan Bhav and Eight House.As 2nd lord in 8th house is 7th from own house so you may read First house lord in 7th house.

2). As 2nd lord represent wealth and 8th house represent loss of physical existence so 2nd lord in 8th house is not considered good but 2nd lord in 8th house aspects own house so it may be gives impact on its own house. So before predicting regarding wealth we have to judge the condition of 2nd lord in 8th house. If 2nd lord is in better condition than it may be good regarding wealth but if 2nd lord in 8th house is in weak condition then it is not good regarding wealth.

3). 8th house belongs to sudden events so 2nd lord in 8th may cause for sudden loss or sudden profit of wealth depending on horoscope. 8th house also belongs to secret activity so 2nd lord in 8th house indicates native may involve in secret activity regarding money matters .So well placed  2nd lord indicating native may earn wealth through secret way but if 2nd lord is not well placed then he losses his wealth in secret activity. 8th house belongs to gambling so 2nd lord in 8th house indicates native is gambler regarding money matter. He may be capable to take risk for own wealth. If 2nd lord is good condition then he may gets wealth in gambling but if not good then loss his wealth in gambling.


4). 8th house belongs to death and 2nd lord is markesh so it may be capable to bring death. And timing of death belongs to Dasha. As 8th house is related to sudden events so native may gets sudden death. As 8th house belongs to long run disease or incurable disease so 2nd lord in 8th house indicates native may get death through incurable disease. As 8th house also belongs to big fears so, 2nd lord in 8th house indicates native may be in fear regarding death.  It may also cause for fears from relatives or family member.

5). 2nd lord in 8th house is not considered good regarding marriage life. When we consider 7th house as lagan in prospective of marriage then 8th house is 2nd house from 7th house and 2nd house from lagan is 8th from 7th house (marriage house) so 8th lord in 2nd house from 7th house is not considered good for marriage. It may bring death of life partner. It may also indicate native may have more than one marriage depending on other condition also. Native may have problems with his life partner.

6). 8th house is 12th from 9th house which belongs to father and 2nd house belongs to wealth and 6th from 9th house so native may lose his parental property.

7). 2nd house is 5th from 10th house and   8th house is 11th from 10th house. So 2nd lord (5th lord from house of profession) placed in 8th house (11th from house of profession) indicating native is naturally successful in his profession. If this combination is very well placed then native may gets name and fame in his professional life. Native is very well capable in future planning regarding wealth.

8). When 2nd lord with 8th lord in 8th house it is not very good for both 2nd lord and 8th lord because both afflict each other. Life span (8th house significant) afflicted by markesh and wealth is afflicted by 8th house which brings loss. So native may be in debits and don’t capable to free from debits. Native may lose his life partner. He may bring defame for his family. Native may be suffering from mental stress. He may have incurable disease. Native may loss his wealth through any unwanted matters.

9). If 2nd lord in 8th house making relationship with sun then native may have sudden loss/ profit through government/authority. It may also indicate winning of lottery or gaining prize.
If Venus/Moon relationship than loss/profit through gambling or speculation or horses race or vehicle race.
If Mercury in role then profit/loss through tricky activity such as stock market.
If rahu involving then profit/loss through lottery.
Jupiter involvement indicates getting good wealth through his wisdom.
Ketu involvement indicates profit or loss through occult.
If you want to know about effect of different planet in 8th house you may read Planet in 8th house.

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  1. Hi my DOB IS 27/12/1986.DELHI.TIMING:- 15.55PM.MY MERCURY IS CUMBUST.can u tell me about my wealth.Also about my other planet position.

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