Sun In Taurus Sign

         Sun In Taurus Sign


1) Before knowing the effect of Sun in Taurus we have to know about Sun and Taurus Sign.  As sun is placed in 2nd house of kalpurush so you can read Sun in 2nd house. Sun is lord of 5th house of kalpurush and placed in 2nd house of kalpurush so you can read 5th house lord in 2nd house.. Apart from this we have also know Sun and Venus( Lord of Taurus) is enemy to each other. So its not consider so good placement regarding Sun according to planet natural friendship.

2) We have also know about what different classical book of astrology suggested regarding  Sun in Taurus

According to Brihat Jatka
When Sun is placed in Taurus in a horoscope then native will have inclination towards good cloths, scents and drinks (पय). Native hates barren women. Native is skills in singing and other musical instruments.

According to Jatak Parijat
When Sun in Taurus in birth chart Native is extremely lover of music( गानरसिको).

According to Sarawali

When Sun in Taurus then native may have disease related to face and eyes. Native may have financial difficulties. Native may have few sons or not so many sons. Native may be beautiful or handsome or charm on face but lean body. Native may be wise and gentlemen. Native will hate barren women. Native have happiness of clothes, foods, flowers, scents etc. Native may be well skilled in singing, playing musical instruments and dancing or other arts. Native may have risk from water or watery disease (जलीय तत्व के कारण होने वाले रोग).

According to Yavan Jataka

Sun in Taurus indicating native is fancier of scents and flowers. Native may have best decorations and clothes. Native may be small fierce in nature. Native may be knowledgeable about sexual matters and one who found happiness through singing and musical instruments. Native is thin in constitution but have good Strength. Native may be afraid of water. Native have good inclination towards money and heavily inclination towards litigation. Native may be a powerful man but hates barren women. Native is suffering from disease of mouth and eyes and may be death badly. Native may have little sons and may be suffering.

3) Now lets find why that’s type of results sage expected , first when Sun in Taurus sign it is consider both sign and planet is affiliated due to placement in a inimical or enemy sign. My means Both rashi and planet is enemy to each other.

So first things is Taurus represent face and mouth of kalpurush so inimical placement of Sun affiliated rashi so it may cause trouble related to mouth and Face.

4) As 5th house lord is placed in 2nd house then native is well versed in oral vidya and here lord of 2nd house is Venus so native may have inclination towards arts matter which belong to Venus such as music and musical instruments or other arts matters. It’s may also indicating native may be wise and knowledgeable.

5) Sun is fierce planet and it is not well placed so it may cause problems related to water element Such as cold suffering etc. Taurus is a Earthy sign and its indicating Vata dosh and Sun indicating Pitta dosh so it may cause abdominal gastric type disease.

6)Sun belong to health so native may be weak health from inner body but native may be glow from face because Taurus rashi lord Venus itself indicating beauty and personality karak Sun in the sign of beauty lord.

7)Sun is natural Karak of Son due to lordship of 5th house of kalpurush so its placement in enemy house is not consider good regarding Son birth so Sun in taurus sign may cause limited number of Son.

8) Kalpurush wealth house sign is Tarush so Tarush occupied by an enemy planet is not consider good regarding wealth so it may cause financial problems.

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