Phaldipika Chapter 2 Part 7

         Phaldepika Chapter  2
      Part 7 Shlok 17 to 18

Shlok 17 — This shlok described different things related to Sun and Moon.

Sun belong to worshiper of Lord Shiva, a physician, a king, one who performed fire rituals, head of any organization, tiger, mrig(मृग one of types of deer,), ruddy goose.

Remarks– workshiper of Lord Shiva also indicating person who doing meditation, or soul purifier, healers etc because Sun is karak of soul and shiv is one of form of Lord Shiva who belong to meditation or doing kalyan of world. Shiv itself meaning is kalyan.
Physician all sorts of doctors or medical field belong to Sun. Because Sun it self belong to vitality of native and physically is a man who try to improve vitality of his clients by giving advice or medicine ( a catalyst for improving vitality).
King(नृप) words significant boss so all bosses belong to Sun either in office or country. And the other words used in this shlok is प्रधानी which significant head of any organization, trust, villages, community, or any others.
Sun is compare with Tiger a wildly animal which is very cleaver in hunting, violentic and powerful in own forest.  So this may be used in identifying person nature, behavior and status.
Sun another comparison with Mrig (मृग) which may be significant regarding a deer with horns and looking good which may be Indicating a person charming quality.

Moon is belong to person who workshiper of Sastha deity, washer man(रजक), a farmer, an aquatic animals, hare(हिरण), antelope crane(शश), bagula(बक), chakor(चकोर).

Remarks–  Sashta devi is know as different name in southern part of India. In which one also belonging Mohni form of Lord Vishnu.
The word रजक(washer man) used for Moon so in modern concept it may be any works related to water, ocean, river may belong to Moon. Apart from laundry, clothes related works speacily in which water is involving may be related to Moon.
Any farming related activities belong to Moon.
Moon is karak of mind which may be very fickle in nature so it may be compare with hare and bagula. One is very fickle and other is very concentrated. Chakor is significant of Moon light because it is consider lover of Moon light.

Shlok 18 —-  This shlok described about matters related to Mars and Mercury.

Mars belongs to kitchens (महामस), a man who bearers weapons, jewellery makers(सुवर्णकार), ram(अज), cook (कुक्कुट), jackal(शिवा, सियार), monkey ( kapi), vulture(गिद्ध), thief.

Remarks– Any work related to kitchen which includes fire and cutting belong to Mars. Because Mars itself significant of both matters.
Police, army, force, and others guys including bad man who with weapon is belong to Mars.
Jewellery making always needs work with fire and cutting, beating activities so Sunar belong to Mars.
Ram and cooks both are significant of Mars. Ram is very hood and acts without thinking and always ready to fight with head. Cooks are very active. Jackal is indicating shifty nature of Mars who is very skillful regarding hunting and changeable behavior.
Monkey indicating caper nature and idiots acts of Mars.
Vulture represent cruel nature regarding his shikar.

Mercury is belong to milkman, learned man, architect (शिल्प), best calculator, devoty of lord Vishnu, garuda, chataka birds, parrot and cats.

Remarks — Actually the world गोप(GOP )is used in Phaldipika which general meaning is who do business of milks.
Word shilp(शिल्प) is used which belong to any type architecture works such as carpenter, designing works, statue maker etc.
Best calculator may be a good mathematician, tricks operating man regarding calculations, in modern day its may be a computer programmer.
Garuda may be indicating a highly flying objects.
Chataka is famous for its catching capacity of raindrops in the sky or air. So its may be indicating a sharp intelligent man who catching the matters within flying sky.(हिन्दी मे कहावत है उड़ते हुए चिड़यो के भी पर गिनने वाला, so I think it’s indicating intelligence level of Mercury).
Parrot a birds who learns very easily.
Cat which is one of another intelligent animals.

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