Phaldipika chapter 1st – Part 1

      Phaldipika Chapter 1st
Part 1 Shlok 1 to 5

Shlok 1 – This shlok is belongs to prayers of ista dev.
Shlok 2 – This shlok is belong to prayer for goddess Saraswathi, lord Ganpati, Navgrah, Anicents, Parents, Guru etc. It’s also indicating name of book Phaldipika by author Mantreswara. Apart from this this shlok Mantreswara told that his book is short speech of ancient sage Atri, Parasara etc.
Remark by me— This is clear indication that for more knowledge readers may visiting books or creatures belongs to Sage Atri and Parasara.
Shlok 3 — In this shlok author suggested that one must be obtain birth time correctly in the form of smallest time frame. He use words gati and vigati so in the modern day of concept it may be belongs to birthtime accuracy within seconds. After obtaining correct birth time one should obtaining the exact location of planets in sky in the form of rashi, amsa(now a days degree), kala (now a days minutes), vikala(now a days second) and calculations may be done by help of mathematical astrology. After that know the strength through different circumstances then jujde a horoscope.
Shlok 4– This shlok suggest Kalpurush concept of horoscope. All 12th sign and bhav is belongs to different limbs or body parts of kalpurush.


1st bhav or lagan belongs to head.
2nd bhav belongs to face.
3rd bhav belongs to breast.
4th bhav belongs to heart.
5th bhav belongs to belly.
6th bhav belongs to hip or waist.
7th bhav belong to groins .
8th bhav belongs to external sexual organs.
9th bhav belongs to both thighs.
10th bhav belongs to both knees.
11th bhav belong to both claves.
12th bhav belongs to both feets.

Last portion cancer, scorpion, pisces belong to rashi sandhi or bhav sandhi.

Remarks by me — 12th signs starting from Aries also belong to same body parts staring from head and last at Pisces which belong to feets.
Any bad effects on above bhav and rashi may cause disease or trouble related to both body parts.

Shlok 5— This shlok suggested different planet belong to different signs or rashi.
Aries — Forest
Taurus — Meadow or watery fields
Gemini — Bedrooms
Cancer —  watery chasm
Leo — Mountains
Virgo —  cultivated land for food crops
Libra — House of business man
Scorpion— cavity
Sagittarius — king Palace
Capricorn — watery forests
Aquarius — area where potters are frequently visited
Pieces — water .

Remarks —  G.S.Kapoor in his book suggested this may be used in finding of lost articles.
This may be also used in traveling to a place or other matters.

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