Phaldipika Chapter 1 Part – 2

            Chapter 1 Part 2
         Shlok 6 to shlok 9

Shlok 6 —  This shlok first parts tell about lordship of different rashi.
Aries lordship Mars
Taurus lordship Venus
Gemini lordship Mercury
Cancer lordship Moon
Leo lordship Sun
Virgo lordship Mercury
Libra lordship Venus
Scorpion lordship Mars
Sagittarius Lordship Jupiter
Capricorn Lordship Saturn
Aquarius lordship Saturn
Pisces lordship Jupiter

Remarks by me – Rahu and ketu don’t have lordship of any planet.
But in certain circumstances Rahu has allotted lordship of Aquarius and Ketu has lordship of Scorpion which may be used in different matters.

Later half part of shlok suggest excellention sign of different planet.
Sun in Aries
Moon in Taurus
Mars in Capricorn
Mercury in Virgo
Jupiter in Cancer
Venus in Pisces
Saturn in Libra

Every planet is debilitating in 7th from own sign of excellention
Sun in Libra
Moon in Scorpion
Mars in Cancer
Mercury in Pisces
Jupiter in Capricorn
Venus in Virgo
Saturn in Aries

Remarks– Mantreswara don’t talk about excellention of Rahu and ketu. Some other books consider Taurus or Gemini as excellention sign for Rahu and Scorpion or Sagittarius for ketu.
A brilliant astrologer said with logic Rahu is excellent in Gemini and ketu is in Sagittarius. Debilitation sign of Rahu and ketu is Sagittarius and Gemini.

Deep excellention or debilitating degree of Planet in there excellention/debilitation sign is
Sun @ 10degree Aries/Libra
Moon @ 3degree Taurus/Scorpion
Mars @ 28degree Capricorn/Cancer
Mercury @ 15 degree Virgo/Pisces
Jupiter @ 5degree Cancer/ Capricorn
Venus @ 27 degree Pisces/Virgo
Saturn @ 20 degree Libra/ Aries

Shlok 7—–  This shlok first part tell us about Mooltrikona sign and degree of different planet
Sun Mooltrikona sign is Leo and its from 0 degree to up to 20 degree Leo sign and rest is consider own sign of Sun.
Moon Mooltrikona sign is Taurus and its start from after 3degree Taurus to  last 30 degree Taurus.
Mars Mooltrikona sign is Aries and its upto 0 to 12 degree in Aries after that own sign of Mars.
Mercury Mooltrikona sign is Virgo and its upto 16 to 20 degree. Rest is 20 to 30 degree is own sign of Mercury.
Jupiter Mooltrikona sign is Sagittarius and degree is 0 to 10 degree and rest is own sign of Jupiter.
Venus Mooltrikona sign is Libra and degree from 0 to 5degree and rest is own sign.
Saturn Mooltrikona sign is Aquarius and degree is 0 to 10degre.

Remarks— Rahu Mooltrikona sign is consider as Virgo and own house is Aquarius. Ketu Mooltrikona sign is is Pisces and own house is Scorpion.

Latter part of shlok is belong to Vasya of rashi.
Aries, Taurus, Leo, and last half(15 to 30 degree) of Sagittarius sign, first half of Capricorn ( 0 to 15 degree) is Chatushhpad (quadrupled).
Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius first half(0 to 15 degree), Aquarius is consider dvipad( human) sign.
Cancer, Pisces and last half(16to 30 degree) is watery sign.
Scorpion is keet sign.

Remarks — Vashya is widely used in kundali matching. It’s give indications regarding behavior of sign.

Shlok 8 —  Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpion, Aquarius is rise with head first so its called as Shirshodya(head rising) rashi.
Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius, Capricorn is rise with back first so it is called as Prishhthodya (back rising) sign.
Gemini and Pisces is rise with both ways so it is called as Ubhyodya (duel rising) sign.

Remarks — It is said that Shirshodya rashi gives results in first half of dasha. Prishhthodya rashi is gives results in second half of dasa. And Ubhyodya rashi gives results in both half.

It is said Shirshodya rashi and Pisces is ruled by Sun and strongest in day(called as diva(दिवा) rashi).
Prishhthodya rashi and Gemini is ruled by Moon and  strong in night time(called by nisha(निशा)rashi.

The four sign counted from the rashi last passed by Sun are in their terms  as 1) Urdhava 2)Adhah 3)Sama 4)Vakra, now same order mentioned for all other 8sign continuously.

Shlok 9 — Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn is Movable (Char) rashi.
Taurus, Leo, Scorpion, Aquarius is fixed( sthir) rashi.
Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces is dual(ubhaya) rashi.

Remarks—- This quality is used in gain indication regarding nature, workplace, number of marriage etc.

All Movable sign is also belong to Entrance (द्वार) rashi.
All Fixed sign is belong to Outside (बहिस) rashi.
All dual sign is belong to Inside (गर्भ) rashi.

All Movable sign is also belong to Minerals(धातु).
All Fixed sign is belong to Vegetables (मूल).
All Dual sign is belong to Animals (जीव).

If we count Aries to Pisces 1to 12number than all Odd(विषम) number sign is called Odd sign and they are krura( क्रूर) in nature.
Again all even number sign is called Even sign(सम)sign and they are auspicious (सौम्य) in nature.
Odd sign is male and Even sign is female.

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius is belong to East .Means all trine of Aries sign belong to east direction.
In same way trine of Taurus ( Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) is  belong to South direction.
Trine of Gemini (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) is belong to West direction.
Trine of Cancer (Cancer, Scorpion, Pisces )belongs to North direction.

Lagan to 7th house represent right part of kalpurush and 7th to lagan is represent by left part of kalpurush.

Remarks —  if we consider lagan as mid point or bhav madhya then Lagan bhav madhya to 7th house bhav madhya is belong to right part of kalpurush whole body starting from head and bhav madhya lagan to left means through 12th house and goes to rest bhav madya belong to left part of kalpurush staring from head.

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