12th House Lord In 10th house

      12th house lord in 10th house


1) Before knowing the effect of 12th house lord in 10th house we have to know about Twelfth House and Tenth House. As 12th house lord is placed in 11th from own house so you may read First house lord in 11th house.

2) According to a famous ancient classical book of astrology sage suggested that

व्ययेशे राज्यभावस्थे व्ययो राजकुलाद् भवेत् ।
पितृतोअपि सुखं तस्य स्वल्पमेव हि जायते।।

General meaning of this shlok is when 12th house lord is placed in 10th house then native will spending on royal persons. Native’s father may be  happy but native have little happiness through father or native have a few children or little happiness of children.

3) 10th house belong to profession and 12th house is a dussthan which may indicating obstacles in life. So 12th house lord in 10th house indicating obstacles in his professional life. Native may have not a good stable profession. If native in business then it may cause loss in business through unnatural way. It may also impact on native professional growth badly. If 12th house lord is well placed then evil effect may reduced.

4)12th house is belong to forigen place or outcasts matters so 12th house lord in 10th house indicating native may be in forigen related profession or such outcasts profession which don’t belong to his surroundings. It may possible native offenly visiting foreigner place related to  his professional purpose.

5)12th house belong to hospital, charitable trust, jail etc so 12th house lord in 10th house may indicating native may be jailer or jail related works,  doctor or other medical profession, or in a charitable trust. It may also cause for illegal profession, immoral profession or any spirituality related profession.

6) 12th house belong to expenses and 10th house belong to government or authority or other power center so 12th house lord in 10th house indicating native may expense on such authority or power center.

7)If 12th house lord is badly affiliated 10th house then native don’t get a sufficient jobs for his livehood.

8) 12th house lord in 10th house may impact on native happiness through his children. Such as native children may leaves away from him or don’t have a good understanding with his kids, or don’t have a son. The situations may be different according to planet natural significant or aspects on 10th house.

9) When 12th house lord with 10th house lord and combination is well placed then native profession may be belong to forigen or well expanding. Native may visiting forigen place for his profession. Native may be famous in forigen place. Native may doing charitable acts for society.
If not well placed then native may always suffering regarding his professional life. Native may be suffering from loss of his parental property. Native may be suffering unnatural events in his professional life such as accident or loss through fire, thieves etc.

10) If you want to know about the effect of Planet in 10th house you may read this link.

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