11th House Lord In First House

11th house lord in 1st house


1) Before knowing the effect of 11th house lord in 1st house we have to know about Eleventh House and First House. As 11th house lord is placed just 3rd from own house so you may read First house lord in 3rd house.

2) According to a anicient classical book of astrology sage suggested that

लाभेशे लग्नगे जातः सात्विको धनवान् सुखी।
समदृष्टिः कविवग्मि सदा लाभ-समन्वितः ।।

General meaning of this shlok is when lord of profit house(11th) is goes to lagan(1st house) native is satvic in nature, wealthy and happy. Native have fair outlook regarding any matters, native is poet and skillful in speaking and always gets profits.

3) 11th house lord is placed in 1st house which makes a 3rd- 11th relationship which is consider a good relationship in a horoscope because both houses is upachay to each other. 11th house belong to gain and lagan belong to own self so 11th house lord  in 1st house indicating native may gain a lots in his life. Native may be rich and wealthy and his wealth continue on growth. Native may be happy regarding materialistic happiness because 11th house is belong to desires and 1st house is for ownself so native may be fulfill all his desires through self efforts.

4) 11th house if well placed in lagan then native may be long lived. But it is not consider good regarding elder brother. Means it may cause loss of elder brother or health problems to elder brother because its just 3rd from own house(from 11th house). Most of time it is possible native is first child of his parents.

5)11th house  lord in 1st house if not well placed then it may cause health problems to native.

6)11th house lord in 1st house indicating native may be gets gain of materialistic happiness after marriage.

7) 11th house lord in 1st house indicating native may have a good friends circle.

8)1st house belong to native own self name, fame, wealth, so 11th house lord as a lordship of upachay house and gain house placed in 1st house  native may gets name and fame and wealth.

9) 11th house lord in 1st house native may be skillful in many types of earning. Native may have a good and sweet voice and skill in speaking.

10) When 11th house lord with 1st house lord then its creating a dhan yog. So native may have a huge financial gain. Native may be industrialist or wealthy. Native may live a happy and luxurious and comfortable life . Native may be  gets a huge name and fame. Native may gets awards. If affiliated then native lose his elder brother.

11) If you want to know about the effect of planet in 1st house then click this link and read the article.

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