11th house lord in 2nd house

11th house lord in 2nd house


1) Before knowing the effect of 11th house lord in 2nd house we have to know about Second house and Eleventh House. As 11th house lord is placed just 4th house away from own house so you may read First house lord in fourth house.

2) According to a famous ancient classical book of astrology sage suggested that

लाभेशे धनभावस्थे जातः सर्वधनान्वितः।
सर्वसिद्धियुतो दाता धार्मिकश्च सुखी सदा ।।

General meaning of this shlok is when 11th house lord goes to 2nd house native will be profits of all sorts of wealth. Native is skilled with all types of knowledge. Native is religious and charitable. Native is always happy.

3)  As 11th and 2nd house is 4th- 10th to each other and when 11th house lord is placed in 2nd house it’s make relationship of 4th-10th which is consider good. 11th house is a kaam kona and strongest desire house and its placed in a powerful arth kona which is a strongest wealth house. So lord of desire placed in house of wealth which indicating native may able to fullfill all his materialistic desire. So native may have a good materialistic happiness.

4) 2nd house is belong to face and speech and 11th house is a profit house and also a upachay house so 11th house lord in 2nd house indicating native may have good and attractive charming face and voice. Native may be able to fullfill his desires through his charming face attraction and attractive voice( मनमोहक छवि और वाणी वाले जातक). So native may be a natural public relationship manager because 11th house also belong to friends circle and it is placed in 4th from own house so native may gets happiness of friendship through his face charm and speech.  It may also possible native may gets profits from his friend circle. It may also possible native may gets profits from his speech or native may be able to earn through his speech so it may possible native is a naturally a profitable sells man. Native may be famous within own family or circle.

5)2nd house and 11th house directly belongs to money or dhan because 2nd house is dhan bhav and 11th house is labh bhav. So 11th house lord in 2nd house indicating its a best dhanyog. So native is may be earn good wealth. The sources of income depending on nature and characteristics of planet and rashi. It may also indicating native may gets profits through banking system or treasury.

6)2nd house is a marak house and 11th house lord is also not consider good regarding health so if 11th house lord in 2nd house is affiliated then its may cause health problems.

7)11th house lord in 2nd house if not well placed then it may cause more than one marriage or multiple relationship. It may also possible native may gets wealth through marriage such as donation or dowry.

8)11th house belong to elders so 11th house lord in 2nd house indicating native elders may also happy and native may gets profit of wealth through his elders. Native may have a good relationship with his elders.

9) When 2nd house lord with 11th house lord in 2nd house it’s a very good dhanyog. Native may earns huge wealth. Native may have very good friend circle and very charming person. Native is famous person. Native may gets fulfilment of all his desires.

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