Ninth House Lord In Seventh House

9th house lord in 7th house

1) Before knowing the effect of 9th house lord in 7th house we have to know about Seventh house and Ninth House.  As 9th house lord placed in 11th from own house so you may read First house lord in 11th house.

2) According to Brihat Parasar Hora Shastra 

भाग्येशे दारभावस्थे दारयोगात् सुखोदयः।
गुणवान् कीर्तिमांश्चापि जायते द्विजसत्तमः।।

When 9th house lord goes to 7th house native’s wife will be graceful and his wife brings fortune for native. Native is full with good quality and gets good fame.

Vridh Yavan Jatak 

When 9th house lord in 7th house, his wife may be truthful, polite, best nature, beautiful, and charming.

3) As per as sage suggested that 9th house lord in 7th house is good. But some thoughts it is not good because they suggested the most auspicious Dharma lord is not consider good regarding most active kaam kona. Because it’s indicating native may doing religious acts for fulfillment of his desires not for his faith. In simple they doing business of religion. Native is more materialistic approach in comparison of religious approach. If 9th house lord is strong and power then it may cause native is very attached toward religion and doesn’t has interest in kaam matters. Both situation is not good regarding four purusarth of man so they don’t consider it good. Apart from this there are some yog related to placement of 9th house lord in 7th house which may indicating bad fruits for native but there will be involvement of other planet and bhav lord. Overall according to sage parasar a single 9th house in 7th house doesn’t so bad.

4) 9th house is house of fortune and its placed in 7th house which belong to fortune so it is consider native’s wife may be fortunate. Native may gain his status or prosperity after marriage. Native’s wife may has good conduct and satvic or religious in behavior. Native’s wife may be wise and guided native to right direction in his life path. If 9th house lord affected badly to 7th house then native’s wife may has weak health and suffering from health problems.

5)9th house and 7th house both are Travel house. 9th house belong to long distance travel and 7th house also belong to travel very far away place from his birthplace. So native may goes for foreign travel. It may also indicating native may gets fortune in foreign place. Means native may gets success, name and fame in foreign place. It may also possible native’s father may lives in foreign place or far away place from the native.

6)7th house is a marak house and 9th house is a fortune house so it may indicating improve of fortune of marak house. Now it is giving results in two ways if 9th house lord is well placed in 7th house then it will protect native from marak effect of 7th house. If it is not well placed then its strengthen 7th house marak effect and native may be suffering due to marak effect of 7th house. So it may cause bad for native or his wife or his father.

7)9th house belong to fame and 7th house belong to native’s status for other. So 9th house lord in 7th house may give native good name & fame . Native is famous among his society, town, country, world depending on strength of horoscope. It may also indicating native become famous or popular in foreign place.

8)7th house represent your behavior for others and 9th house lord placed in 7th house is indicated native is consider dharmic or have good conduct. Native may be spiritual person. If horoscope is indicating or other matters may fullfill then it may cause vairagya yog.

9)9th house belong to father and 9th house lord placed in 7th house which is 11th from own house indicated native’s father may be wealthy. In other words native born in rich family. But it may not consider good regarding health of native’s father. Native’s father may lives in far away place from the native or there may be thoughts difference between native and his father.

10)9th house belong to higher study and 7th house is bhavat bhavam house for 4th house regarding education. So 9th house lord in 7th house is indicating native may gets higher education. It may also indicating native may goes far away place from his birthplace to getting his higher education.

11)7th house is also bhavat bhavam for 10th house so 9th house lord in 7th house is indicatting native may be fortunate regarding his professional life. Native may gets success in all his venture. Native may be fortunate regarding partnership business.

12)When 7th house lord with 9th house lord in 7th house it is consider a Rajyog. Native may be wealthy and rich. Native may gets fulfillment of all his desires. Native is fortunate regarding materialistic happiness including women matters. Native’s wife may be rich and wealthy and from family which has good status in society. Native may gets profits from government or authority and become important person or get important post in government or authority.


13) If you want to know about the effect of different planet in the 7th house you may read Planet in 7th house.

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