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Ninth House Lord In First House

    9th house lord in 1st house


1) Before knowing effect of 9th house lord in 1st house we have to know about First House and Ninth House. As 9th house lord is placed 5th from own house so you may read First house lord in 5th house.

2) According to a ancient famous classical book of astrology sage suggested that

भाग्येशे लग्नगे जातो भाग्यवान भूपवन्दितः।
सुशीलश्च सुरुपश्च विद्यावान् जनपूजितः।।

General meaning of this shlok is when 9th house lord goes to 1st house native will be fortunate and honourable by king. Native is gentleman and have good looking and learned. Native is honourable by public.

3) 9th house in 1st house indicating 9th-5th relationship which is consider very auspicious in astrology. 9th house is house of fortune so its Lord placed in 1st house which is belong to tanu(ownself) indicating native is naturally fortunate guys. As tanu bhav indicating own efforts and strength so 9th house lord placed in 1st house indicating native builts own future through ownself in which there luck always with him. 9th house is also known as Laxmi sthan which is goddess of prosperity. So 9th house lord in 1st house indicating native may be gets good prosperity.

4)9th house is a natural dharam kona and religion is also prime karak matters of 9th house. 1st house is also a dharm kona which belong to native natural behavior so 9th house lord in 1st house indicating native is religious in behavior. Native may have inclination to doing religious activities. Native may be knowledgeable of holy books, Ved, sastra, or other such type of study.  Native may gets mantra diksha from guru or father or other such type spiritual person. Native may be well knowledge of mantra.

5) 9th house is belong to father and its lord is placed in 5th from own house so native father may be a good and kind person. He may also knowledge of Ved,vedanga etc. Native and his father have good relationship. Native may gets benefit from his father. Native gets parental property or may be successor of his father.

6) 9th house is also belong to higher level study so its lord in 1st house indicated native may gets higher level study.

7)9th house belong to Travel House regarding long travel so when 9th house lord is placed in 1st house which is tanu house indicating native may goes for long travel. If this yuti is affiliated by 12th house or 7th house native may goes for forigen travel.

8)9th house is belong to fame and when 9th house lord is placed in 1st house then native may be famous for his good quality. If this placement is very good then native may have huge fame. Native may be very kind and respectful. Native may gets a good status in society. Native may also get blessing through government or authority.

9)9th house lord in 1st house also good regarding all sorts of prosperity. So native may gets good happiness. Native may also be long lived. Native may be wise.

10)9th house lord in 1st house indicating native may gets good children which may bring good fame for native.

11)When 9th house lord with 1st house lord in 1st house it is a good rajyog. Native may gets good name and fame , native may be wealthy and rich, native is enjoying happiness of life. Native have a good status in society. Native may gets good post and power with the help of authority or government. Native may also get blessings with his father.

12) If you want to know about effect of planet in 1st house you may read Planet in first house.

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