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Eight House Lord In Twelfth House

       8th house lord in 12th house


1) Before knowing effect of 8th house lord in 12th house we have to know about Eight House and Twelve House. As 8th house lord is placed 5th from own house so you may read First house lord in 12th house.

2) According to a famous ancient classical book of astrology sage suggested that

रन्ध्रेशे व्ययभावस्थे कुकार्ये व्ययकृत् सदा।
अल्पायुश्च भवेज्जातः सपापे च विशेषतः।।

General meaning of this shlok is when 8th house lord is placed to 12th house native always expense on wrong or bad deeds. Native may be short life specially if 8th house lord with a natural malefic planet.

3)8th house lord is placed in house of Expense so it may be indicator of loss of your lifespan. As 8th house lord also placed 12th from 1st house which is vitality of native so it may other indicator regarding trouble related to age. Native may have age problems (but final decision may be depending on horoscope).Sage also suggest this ,he also warn regarding a natural malefic yuti with 12th house and 8th house lord. So this combination may be cause concern regarding native life span. But a well placed 8th house lord may reduce evil effect.

4)8th house lord in 12th house may also making Viparit Rajyog. It may also know as vimala yog according to Phaldipika. As Viparit Rajyog indicating native may gets a good position after facing initial trouble. Vimala yog indicating native  may be very thrifty regarding expense. Native is very skilled in savings. Native shows good behavior to others. Native may expense all sorts of happiness. Native may be a independent person. Native may have a respectable profession. Native may be remember for his good quality. So this is general effect of vimala yog regarding Phaldipika.

5)8th house lord belong to obstacles and 12th house belong to expenses so 8th house lord in 12th house indicating native may facing obstacles for his expense. Native don’t expense on any genuine matters. But as 8th house is a dussthan and belong to immoral works so it may possible native expenses his money in immoral matters such as gambling, drinking, sexual pleasure etc. This type of results seen when 8th house lord is affiliated by malefic. Other wise this condition indicating break on expense which general meaning is profits of money for native. Native may save enough money through controlling his expense.

6)12th house belong to forigen matters  and when 8th house lord placed in 12th house it may cause native may go for forigen trips suddenly. Native may have secret source of profit from forigen land. It may also indicating native may gets death in forigen place.

7)8th house and 12th house both are moksh kona so 8th house lord in 12th house may cause native may be spiritual person or getting spirituality wakeup. Native may have deep knowledge regarding spiritual activities. Native may be doing some research work regarding spirituality.

8)8th house and 12th house both belong to sexual pleasure so 8th house lord in 12th house indicating native may gets good sexual pleasure. But it may also cause some sexual or hormonal problems.

9)12th house belong to sleeping so 8th house lord in 12th house indicated native may have trouble in sleeping.

10) If 8th house lord in 12th house is not well placed then it may cause native may facing blaming . Native may be go to jail or suffering from legal problems. Native may have submitted to hospital due to his incurable disease. Native may lost his wealth due to his gambling activities or such type of immoral acts.

11) When 8th house lord with 12th house lord in 12th house it is making a power ful Viparit Rajyog. Native may become famous for his unexpected jobs. Native may gets huge money and accumulate good wealth. But above combination is not good or afflicted by any ways then good effect may reduced and evil effect may improve. Such as native gets blaming for immoral work.

12) If you want to know about effect of different planet in 12th house you may read Planet in 12th house.

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