Eight House Lord In Tenth House

   8th house Lord in 10th house

1) Before knowing effect of 8th house Lord in 10th house we have to know about Eight house and Tenth House. As 8th house Lord is placed 3rd from own house so you may read First house Lord in 3rd house.

2) According to Brihat Parasar Hora Shastra 

रन्ध्रेशे कर्मभावस्थे पितृसौख्य विवर्जितः।
पिशुनः कर्महीनश्च यदि नैव शुभेक्षिते।।

General meaning of this shlok is if 8th house lord in 10th house native doesn’t has happiness with father. Native may be talebearer. Native doesn’t has a perfect jobs or professional life if benefice is not aspects 8th house lord.

Vridh Yavan Jatak  

When 8th house lord in 10th house, native may be doing acts of king. He may be involved in wicked acts. He may be lazy by nature. If 8th house lord is not natural malefic planet then either his mother will be died or he is not birth son of his father.

3)As 8th house and 10th house is just 3-11th to each other which is consider very auspicious relationship but in this case it is not consider good. Because a powerful 8th lord in 10th house becomes obstacles for live hood of native (as any house lord placed upachay house from own house getting strength). Native may be very energetic but native has to work harder and harder for getting success in his professional life. My simple means native has to work hard for getting same position in his professional life to comparison to others. If 10th house is affiliated badly by 8th house lord then it may cause of a continuous chains of obstacles in native professional life. Native doesn’t has a good success rate in his professional life. Means this position slow down native’s professional achievement.

4) 10th house is our karam sthan and 8th house lord belong to hidden or immoral or bad acts. So 8th house lord in 10th house is indicating native may doing some hidden work. Native may has secrecy in his professional life. Native may doing immoral or illegal acts for getting growth or success in his profession. It may also cause loss through thief, legal matters or some unexpected matters relating to his profession. As 10th house belong to government so it may cause problems through government or authority or from boss in his professional life. If well placed then native may work for government as secret employees.

5)10th house belong to our social image. So 8th house lord in 10th house may impact native’s social image. As 8th house belong to blaming so native may facing blaming regarding his social image. It may also cause society doesn’t able to understand native perfectly. My means there may be misconceptions in society regarding native.

6)10th house is 2nd from 9th house regarding Father and 8th lord which is 12th house lord from 9th house placed in 10th house so it may not consider good regarding native’s father. It may cause death or health problems related to father. Native may not gets happiness from father. But it may indicating native may gets property after father death. Because 8th house belong to will or parental  property after death . But it may also indicating native may facing obstacles in parental property.

7)8th house lord in 10th house is indicating native doesn’t be broad minded. Native’s thoughts may be very low standard or cheap quality. Native doesn’t be understand matters in good ways. But if well placed then native may has deep and hidden knowledge of any matters. Native may able to use this quality in his professional life and gets good success just like a good gambler.

8)When 8th house lord with 10th house lord in 10th house then if combination is not good then native may facing a very bad situation in his professional life. Native doesn’t get a good success in his professional life. Native has very slow rate of growth in his profession. A lots of sudden down fall in professional life is possible. Native may facing problems through government or authority. If this combination is well placed then native get a good and sudden gain in his professional life by immoral ways. Native may be a great gambler or smuggler or such type of professional.


9) If you want to know about effect of planet in 10th house you may read Planet in 10th house.

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