Sixth House Lord In Twelfth House

6th house Lord in 12th house


1) Before knowing effect of 6th house in 12th house we have to know about Sixth house and Twelve house. As 6th house Lord placed 7th from own house you may read First house lord in 7th house.

2) According to a famous anicient classical book of astrology

षष्ठेशे व्ययभावस्थे व्यसने व्ययकृत् सदा ।
विद्वद्देषी भवेज्जाताे जीवहिंसासु तत्परः।।

General meaning of this shlok is when 6th house Lord is goes to 12th house native always inclination to spend on addiction related matters. Native may be revenge taker  or enemy of learned guys and always in action to harm living beings.

3) In general consideration 6th house Lord in 12th house is not so much good because it is placed on 7th from own house which indicating expense of disease, debits and enemy.

4)6th house belong to disease and 12th house belong to expense and regarding disease it may in way of expanding so 6th house Lord in 12th house may cause for expanding of disease. So native may be suffering from disease depending on planet natural significant. 12th house belong to sleeping so 6th house Lord in 12th house may cause sleeping disease such as loss of sleeping, disturbing sleeping, horror dreams, walking in sleeping position etc. 12th house also belong to hospitalisation so 6th house Lord in 12th house may cause native Native may be hospitalized due to disease. It may also cause abdominal problems for native may have to visit hospital.

5)12th house belong to pleasure from addiction and 6th house belong to bad habits or immoral activities so 6th house Lord in 12th house indicating native may be addicted for immoral activities. Native may have not good morality. 12th house belong to bad pleasure so 6th house Lord in 12th house indicating native may be Inclination to get pleasure by immoral ways.

6)12th house indicating loss and 6th house indicating enemy so you may be suffering losses through your enemy.

7)6th house Lord in 12th house indicating native may be revenge taker. Native don’t easily forgot any anti things/action related  to him and may try to take revenge. Native don’t have good nature. Native may be dispute from learned person. Native may be excessive argument maker. Native may be volatile in nature and ready to fighting. This may also indicating his nature regarding torture of living beings.

8)6th house Lord in 12th house may also makes Viparit Rajyyog if it is not aspects or combination with natural benific planet. It may be given results may be similar to Vimala yog.

9)When 6th house Lord in 12th house with 12th Lord and well placed then native may have victory over his enemy after struggles. After starting struggles Native gets successful in his life. If 6th house Lord is not well placed in 12th house then native suffering from obstacles, losses, depression, enemy. Native may be immoral.

10) If you want to know about effect of planet in 12th house you may read

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