Sixth House Lord In Ninth House

      6th house Lord in 9th house


1) Before knowing effect of 6th house Lord in 9th house we have to know about Sixth house and Ninth house. As 6th house Lord is away from 4th house from own house so you may read First house lord in 4th house.

2) According to anicient classical book of astrology it is suggested as per as this shlok
षष्ठेश भाग्यगे जातः काष्ठपाषाण विक्रयी ।
व्यवहारे क्वचिद्घानिः क्वचिद्वद्घिश्यच जायते ।।

General meaning of this shlok is when 6th Lord in 9th house(house of fortune) native may in business of wood and stone. Native may have unstable fortune related to professional life.

3)As 6th and 9th house is 4th and 10th house from each other (which is one of best position for Lord placement) but it is not consider good regarding native because 6th house is a dussthan or trik house. Because it is affiliated good effect of 9th house.

4)9th house belong to father so if 6th Lord in 9th house is affiliated by marak  then it may cause health or lifespan problems for native father. Native father may be suffering from disease and nature of disease related to planet and rashi involving in this combination. As 6th house belong to enemy so 6th house Lord in 9th house indicating native may haven’t good relationship with father. There may be misunderstanding between both. It may be possible some argument between both or quarrel between both.
But if 6th house Lord is well placed in 9th house evil effect may reduced. And 6th Lord is strong and well placed then native father may be Jude or belong to judicial system. Native father may have black money or may have some illegal source of income.

5)6th house belong to mama so 6th Lord placed in 9th house indicating native mamaji may have good fortune. Native may gets help through his mama ji.

6)9th house belong to foreign land or far away place. So 6th house Lord in 9th house indicating native may face such type of bad condition so he may force to leave his homeland for earning. If well placed 6th house then native may gets name and fame in forigen country.

7)9th house belong to fortune so 6th house Lord as a Lord of dussthan is not consider good regarding fortune of native. Native may facing obstacles to get his fortune. Native may not have stable fortune. If 6th Lord is not well placed in 9th house then native may be suffering from misfortune. Native may be poor or not good financial condition.

8)6th house belong to false, wrong deeds or other such type of matter and 9th house belong to religion so 6th house Lord in 9th house indicating native may doing wrong deeds related to religion or may doing show off of religious value but involving in illegal or immoral acts in the name of religion. If well placed then native may earn through the name of religion. Native may be knowledge of tantrik acts or black magic.

9)9th house belong to fame and when 6th Lord is placed in 9th house native don’t get fame. If 6th Lord is strong then native may be get did fame or famous due to his immoral acts or wrong deeds.

10)9th house belong to guru or santh or religious person when 6th Lord is placed in 9th house native don’t respect his guru. Native may be involving in criticism of guru or religion values.

11)6th house Lord in 9th house native may be a architecture or doing work related to wood and stone. Native may be in business of building construction materials. Native may be a statute maker. In general native may be a handicrafts man. If horoscope supported then native may be artisan.

12)When 6th house Lord with 9th Lord in 9th house and if it is affiliated then native father may be dead. Don’t have sound health of father. There may be a lots of enemy of his father. His father may be a suffering from heavy losses. Native may loss his paternal property. Native may have legal problems related to  parental property. Native may have enmity with father.

13)If you want to know about effect of planet in 9th house you may read Planet in 9th house.

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