Seventh House Lord In First House

      7th house Lord in 1st house


1) Before knowing effect of 7th house Lord in 1st house we have to know about Seventh house and First House. As 7th house lord is placed 7th from own house you may read First house lord in 7th house.

2)According to a famous anicient classical book sage suggested

दारेशे लग्नगे जातः परदारेषु लम्पटः ।
दुष्टो विदक्षणो अधीरो जनाे वातरुजान्वितः।।

General meaning of this shlok is when 7th lord is placed in 1st house native is inclination towards other wife. Native may be not have good mentality. Native may be fickle mind. Native may be  wicked (दुष्ट).Native may be suffering from Vaat(airy) disease. Native may be skilful but don’t have courage.

3)7th house belong to wife/husband when it is occupy 1st house it may be possible native may marry to known person means within close circle. His wife may be good and stable minded. But regarding marriage relationship it is not good because it may cause ego problems with wife or some thoughts difference with life partner. Native may involving criticizing own wife.

4)7th house is a kaam house so when its place in Lagan Native may be sexual from brain. Native may be interested to other women. Native likes other wife more than own.

5)1st house is belong to own efforts or courageous when 7th lord is placed in 1st house which belong to others native may have more believe on others courageous or strength in comparison of own self.

6)7th lord in 1st house indicated native may loves own self at extreme level. Means native thinking own self more than others. Native always involving in promoting own self. Native don’t care other thoughts. Native always try to get a good social image and for this native always making attempt to show off own self.

7)A well placed 7th house lord in 1st house indicating native may be  long lived. But if 7th house is affiliated or influence of malefic regarding horoscope then it may cause damage of life span. 7th house is a marak house and its Lord is markesh so its placement in 1st house may effect life span of native and this bad effect may increasing if lagnesh or 1st house may be weak in strength.

8)7th house lord placed in 1st house indicating native don’t have a stable nature. Native may have fickle nature which may be always changes. Native don’t have enough passions. Native always want to checking all matters to own self. It may be possible due to he doesn’t believe any body or he thinks he is superior then others. Native may have not good nature. Native may be wicked.

9)7th house belong to wife so a well placed 7th lord in 1st house indicating native may get fortune of materialistic happiness after his marriage. Native may gets property his wife.

10) 7th house belong to place which is very far away from birth place. So when 7th house lord occupy 1st house native may goes to far away from birthplace. Native may be traveling a lots due to which he may away from own birth  place. If horoscope supported then native may be settled abord or foreign country. Native may gets good success in forigen place.

11)Native may be suffering from Vata related disease. But native may be skilful and very intelligent.

12)When 7th lord with 1st house lord In 1st house then if above combination is good then native may be fortunate. Native may be going for forigen land for travel or become settled in forigen land. Native may be fortunate from marriage. It may cause for neechbhang of 7th house lord in most cases. And if well placed regarding condition satisfied of Neechbhang Rajyog then it may be powerful Rajyog.
If lagnesh is weak in strength and 7th house lord is powerful in strength then it may cause marak and native may be suffering from health related problems or lifespan problems. Native’s travel may cause for obstacles or problems for him.

13) If you want to effect regarding planet placed in 1st house you may read Planet in 1st house.

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