Eight House Lord In Third House

8th house lord in 3rd house


1)Before knowing effect of 8th house lord in 3rd house we have to know about Eight house and Third house. As 8th house lord is placed 8th from own house so you may read First house lord in 8th house.

2)According to Brihat  Parasar Hora Shastra

रन्ध्रेशे सहजे भावे भ्रातृसौख्यं न जायते ।
सालस्यो भृत्यहीनश्च जायते बलवर्जितः।।

General meaning of this shlok is if 8th house lord is placed in 3rd house native doesn’t has happiness of brother. He may be lazy. Native will hasn’t servants happiness. He doesn’t has strength and stamina.

Vridh Yavan Jatak 

When 8th house lord in 3rd house, native may has dispute with own relatives. He may be do mean acts with own friends. He has deform body limbs and harsh speech. He may be devoid happiness of brothers.

3)3rd house is upachay house so 8th house lord placed in 3rd house then 8th house may increasing its natural significant. Other point is 3rd house is bhavat bhavam for 8th house so 8th house lord in 3rd is indicating 8th house lord become more powerful. 8th house belong to life span so native may be a long lived. But it’s also increasing obstacles power of 8th house. So native may has very struggle full life.

4)3rd house represent younger siblings in horoscope and 8th house is 6th from 3rd house so placement of 6th house lord from 3rd house is not consider good regarding 3rd house natural significant and 8th house is own self a dussthan so it is also not good to placement of dussthan in 3rd house regarding natural significant of 3rd house. So regarding younger siblings its shows devoid of happiness of brothers. Native may has not good understanding with his siblings. There may be dispute or quarrel with brother or legal problems through brother. Native may has enmity with brother. If 3rd house is badly effected by 8th lord then it may cause native doesn’t has any younger brother. It may also not good regarding younger brother life path. Well placed then Native may lives on income of younger brothers.

4)3rd house represent native’s physical and mental stamina and 8th house represent strong fears. When 8th house lord placed in 3rd house, native doesn’t has enough physical and mental stamina. Because 3rd house occupy 6th house lord from own self. 8th house belong to imaginary fears so 8th house lord in 3rd house may cause imaginary fears regarding own stamina ( means if native is physically strong but not has enough mental stamina to show his power). Native may be facing mental extortion.

5)3rd house represent ears, shoulders so 8th house lord in 3rd house may cause problems related to ears and shoulders. If 3rd house is badly affected then it may cause big problem regarding hearing.

6)3rd house represent employee working under native so 8th house lord placed in 3rd house is indicating native may has problems with his servants or employee working under him. It may also cause problems through neighbor.

7)3rd house represent counting of life seeds(sperm, eggs ) in native body so 8th house lord in 3rd house may effect this. Native may be more sensual.

8)3rd house is marak house regarding father and 8th house is 12th from 9th house so 8th house lord in 3rd house is not good regarding native’s father regarding lifespan.

9)8th house lord with 3rd house in 3rd house is indicated native may be long lived but not so much brave. Native may earn through writing or publication.


10)If you want to read effect of different planet in 3rd house you may read Planet in 3rd house.

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