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Eight House Lord In Second House

8th house Lord in 2nd house


1) Before knowing effect of 8th house Lord in 2nd house we have to know about Eight house and Second house. As 8th house Lord is placed 7th from own house so you may read First house lord in 7th house.

2)According to a anicient classical book of astrology sage suggested that

अष्टमेशे धने बाहुबलहीनः प्रजायते ।
धनं तस्य भवेत् स्वल्पं नष्ट वित्तं न लभ्यते।।

General meaning of this shlok is when 8th house Lord goes to 2nd house native don’t have physical staima, he have little wealth, his wealth may be destroy and don’t get profit of money.

3)8th house is ownself a dussthan and responsible for life span and 2nd is marak which is responsible for lost of lifespan. Again 8th Lord it self placed in 7th from own house which is not good for 8th house natural significant ( regarding good qualities which native is obtaining). So it may cause a big marak in horoscope reading lifespan. If well placed then situation may be improving for lifespan.

4)8th house Lord in 2nd house indicating native may have critical or big disease. 8th house belong to secret disease and 2nd house is marak house so native may be death due to some secret type of disease. Native may facing loss of his wealth through disease. It may also possible native family may be suffering from disease and native loss his wealth for treatment of disease.

5) 2nd house belong to eyes, teeth, teast, food, speech and 8th house is natural obstacle in a horoscope and it is also 7th from 2nd house so it may cause problems for above 2nd house natural significant. Such as native may have problems in eyes or suffering from eye disease. Native may have deform teeth constitution or dental problems. Native don’t have a good food habits or don’t get food on time. Native may have taste problems. Above results depend on planet and rashi natural significant involving in this combination.

6) 2nd house also represent native speech and morality so 8th house Lord placed in 2nd house may cause problems related to speech. Such as Native don’t have a good quality to speech . Native may be false speaker or harsh speaker . If speach karak is also affiliated badly then native have problems in speaking.
As 2nd house represent our morality or sanskar so 8th house Lord placed in 2nd house indicating loss of morality or having deform morality. It may also possible Native don’t have morality in speaking.

7)2nd house is house for wealth and 8th house belong to loss or destruction of matters so in general way 8th house Lord in 2nd house is not consider good regarding wealth. Native may have financial crisis. Native may lost his wealth. Native don’t get profit of wealth. Native may loss his wealth due to secret type of enemy or trouble such as thief etc.  Even it may also cause of lost of family wealth. But if 2nd house is well placed then native may have secret source of earning wealth. Native may gets sudden wealth due to any will or death of any relative. Native may be involving in immoral way for accumulate wealth. Native may be thief or smuggler.

8)As 8th and 2nd house both are very important in any one life for marriage happiness. So 8th house Lord placed in 2nd house effect both houses due to 1st-7th relationship. So it is not consider good regarding marriage life. It may cause both couples don’t understand each other. There may be possible quarrel with wife. It may also cause of separation or death of life partner. It may also cause of multiple marriage. Native don’t have good morality regarding sexual activity.

9) 8th house is natural karak of separation and 2nd house is house of family for native so 8th house Lord in 2nd house may cause separation within family. Such as father of native lives in other far away place and children of native lives other far away places.

10) When 8th house Lord placed with 2nd house Lord in 2nd house then if well placed then native gets a lots of wealth through secret source of income. If badly placed then native lost his lots of wealth through secret problems. Native don’t have a happy life due to a lots of obstacles in life.

11)If you want to know about effect of different planet in 2nd house you may read Planet in 2nd house.

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