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Eight House Lord In Fourth House

       8th house Lord in 4th house


1) Before knowing effect of 8th house Lord in 4th house we have to know about Eight house and Fourth House. As 8th house Lord placed in 9th from own house First house lord in 9th house.

2) According to a classical book of astrology sage suggested that

रन्ध्रेशे सुखभावस्थे मातृहीनो भवेच्छिशुः ।
गृहभूमिसुखैहीनो मित्रद्रोही न संशयः ।

General meaning of this shlok is when 8th house Lord placed in 5th house native may be without mother in childhood. Native don’t have happiness of home and land. Native may be without doubt cheater of his friends.

3)8th house Lord occupy 4th house is definitely a unique position regarding analyzing its fruits. Because 4th house is 9th from 8th house which means fortune house of 8th house. So it may be just secret which type of fruits is native obtaining through this position. If well placed then native is good lifespan and having unique occult knowledge. Native may have secret power regarding mind and mentel power. If badly placed then things may be just opposite and all bad portion of 8th house is just active in native life. So its purely depending of horoscope and nature of planet and its significant quality.

4)4th house is belong to land, house, property or real estate and 8th is also belong to property which is obtaining through our Indian chain culture of property distribution through family or in simple word property obtaining after death of father. So when 8th house Lord in 4th house native may have good property or real estate(it may be possible all parental or matternal property which is native obtaining through family tradition). Now as 8th house Lord is Lord of dussthan so it may always suspected to enjoying pleasure of his property or home. Native don’t get a stable home or don’t have a stable life. Native may be wandering away from his home for different different matters in his whole life.  If 8th house is well placed in 4th house then native doing property related jobs.  If badly placed then native may be suffering problems related to property.

5)4th house belong to mother and when 8th house Lord placed in 4th house it is not consider good regarding mother. Native may have not get happiness of his mother. Native may facing misunderstanding from mother. If not well placed then it may cause death or separation of mother.

6)4th house also belong home and happiness in home. 8th house belong to obstacles and trouble so 8th house Lord in 4th house indicating native may not get peace and happiness in home. Native home life may be full of quarrel. Native don’t have a good marriage life.

7) 4th house belong to mind and 8th house belong to fears and stress so 8th house Lord in 4th house indicating native don’t have a good mental peace. Native may be suffering from fears and may be possible native have unusual fears or secret type of fears. Native may be very dangerous from mind and may be violentic from mind. Means native may be suffering from violence in mind. Or in very simple words negativity  in mind. If well placed 8th Lord and karak of mind is strong then native may have additional power in mind.

8)4th house belong to study and 8tj house belong to research so 8th house Lord in 4th house indicating native may have naturally inclnation towards research education. Native always ready to research regarding any type of educational purpose.

9)8th house is belong to sex and its pleasure and 4th house belong to mind and its pleasure so 8th house Lord in 4th house indicating native is inclination towards sexual activity for getting mental pleasure. In simple word native may have kaamvasna in his mind.

10) When 4th house Lord with 8th house Lord then native may be a good higher and research education quality but may facing obstacles in his education. Native may have trouble with home, vehicle, mental peace ,study depending on planet involvement in this combination and its situation in horoscope. Native don’t have stable financial condition and good home environment.

11) If you want to read about effect of planet in 4th house you may read Planet in Fourth House.

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