Fourth House Lord In Third House

      4th house lord in 3rd house


1) Before knowing effect of 4th house lord in 3rd house we have to know about    Fourth house and Third house. As 4th house lord is placed 12th from own house so you may read First house lord in 12th house.

2) As 4th house lord is placed in 12th from own house so it is not consider so good regarding 4th house.  Native may be suffering regarding 4th house matters.

3)4th house is belong to mother and its Lord is placed in 12th house so it may be cause  arishhth(harmful) for mother. Means if 4th Lord is not well placed in 3rd house it may cause for health problems for mother. If badly affected then may cause death of mother. It may cause separation with mother means native and mother lives away from each other.

4)4th house belong to education so 4th lord in 3rd house may cause trouble in education. Native may face breakup of education, or don’t gets proper education, or away from his study depending on situation and horoscope. If 4th lord is well placed then situation may improve.

5)3rd house belong to short journey so 4th lord placed in 3rd house keeps Native away from home land for short time. It may be caused native go for forigen or  away from home land for study purpose. If 4th lord in 3rd house have relationship with 7th or 9th lord then more Chance to go forigen for study purpose.

6)4th house for mind and its lord in 3rd house indicating native may have some confusion in mind. Native may be restless from mind. If well placed then native is very active from mind. In simple word 4th lord in 3rd house give bad impact regarding mental peace.

7)4th house belong to happiness so its lord in 12th from own house indicated native may face trouble to getting happiness in life. Native don’t have so much happiness in life. As 3td house belong to own attempt so native gets happiness through own efforts.  As vehicle, property, happiness from servants belong to 4th house so 4th house lord in 3rd may indicate native may face problems regarding all this matters but better way to examine karak of particular matter simultaneously. For example Venus for vehicle and Mars for land.

8)As 3rd house belong to body staima so 2ndlord  from 3rd house means  4th house lord in 3rd house don’t consider good regarding physical staima so native may be suffering from disease. It may also cause for mental disease.

9) 3rd house is belong to communications so 4th house lord (2nd from 3rd house) in 3rd house indicating Native is well skilled in communication. Native may be kind in nature and having good character.

10) When 3rd house lord with 4th house lord in 4th house native may be inclination towards traveling. If 3rd house lord afflicted 4th house it may get impact on 4th house significant badly such as lack of happiness,  trouble in education, trouble for mother etc. If well placed then native have good imagination quality regarding arts. Native have go for many fruitful tours. Native may be fortunate after marriage. Native is religious and spiritual.

11) If you want to know about effect of planet in 3rd house you may read Planet in 3rd house.

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