Fourth House Lord In Tenth House

      4th House Lord in 10th house


1)Before knowing effect of 4th house Lord in 10th house we have to know about Fourth house and Tenth House. As 4th Lord is placed 7th from own house so you may read First house lord in 7th house.

2)4th house is belong to education and its Lord is placed in 10th house of profession so it may indicating native may use his educational ability to his profession. Native may working in professional related to his educational stream. Or native may working in education related profession.

3)As 4th and 10th house is situated 7th to each other so 4th Lord in 10th house indicating native may achieve great heights in his professional life. But native have to face a lots of obstacles in his professional life. Native have many competitor in his professional life.  Though native may be capable to crush his enemy in his professional life or get victory over him. So 4th Lord in 10th house indicating native gets successful in his career but don’t have so much happiness or any easy going life.If 4th Lord is affiliates in 10th house then he face many trouble in his professional life.

4)4th house belong to democracy and 10th house belong to kingship so 4th Lord in 10th house indicating native may be politically successful. Native may be become members of parliament or members of any big organization or gets any such status.

5)4th house belong to property and vehicle so 4th Lord in 10th house native may be working such type of related profession.

6)10th house belong to social status so 4th Lord in 10th house indicating native gets a good social status in society. Native may be a great personality. If 4th Lord is affiliates then native donot gets so much fame.

7)4th Lord belong to mother and it is situated 7th from 4th so don’t consider good regarding mother health. Native mother may have good social status. There may be not good relationship with his mother. If 4th Lord is affiliates then native mother may be suffering serious health trouble.

8)4th Lord in 10th house indicating native don’t impress by others thoughts. Native’s mother may be play important role in his life.

9) When 4th Lord with 10th Lord in 10th house it is consider very auspicious regarding native career. Native may be good political leader. Native may be minister or any higher authority or administrative post. Native may be a good social status and achieve highest success in his professional life.

10) If you want to know about effect of planet in 10th house so you may read Planet in 10th house.

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