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Fifth House Lord In Twelfth House

        5th house Lord in 12th house


1) Before knowing effect of 5th house Lord in 12th house first we have to know about Twelve House and Fifth House. As 12th house is away 8th from 5th house so you may read First house lord in 8th house.

2)5th house is most important Dharma house and 12th house is most important Moksh house so 5th house Lord in 12th house indicating native is very religious or spiritual person. Native always try to find the truth of life .This may cause to bring a wake up of spiritual inclnation. This may also cause for disattachment from materialistic matter from slowly way in life path.

3) 5th house belong to intelligency and 5th house Lord placed in 12th house indicating expense of his intelligency . Now a well placed 5th Lord in 12th house indicating native is very wiser. But when 5th house Lord is ill placed or not in good condition then native loss his wisdom or not able to use his intelligency in proper direction.

4)5th house belong to mentality and 5th Lord in 12th house indicating native is kind and religious. Native may have some emotional touch in his behavior. It may possible Native face trouble in his love relationship. Native may be very imaginative.

5)5th house belong to children so in general considering it is not good to placed 5th Lord in 12th house(vyaya house). Native may face problems regarding child birth. If badly affiliated then it may cause for loss of children or there may be no child. If 5th Lord is well placed then native children may living away from him due to his service or professional life. Some thoughts is Native may be impotent but its needs so many other matters also to satisfy.

6)5th Lord in 12th house indicating native may wandering one place to other places for finding peace of mind. If charts allow it may indicating native may gets Moksh.

7)5th Lord in 12th house indicating native may be suffering from misunderstanding means he may be confused to understand matters. Means it may be impact on his judgement ability. Some time it may also cause for loss through speculation.

8)Native may be suffering from abdominal disease, intestine problems, mentalities problems.

9)5th house Lord with 12th Lord in 12th house indicating native may be suffering from mental problems. If well placed then native is a great spiritual and religious person. Native is very wise and spending money with proper cause. If affiliated then may cause for problem with father and son or with children.
Native easily misunderstanding matters.
Native may have some arts quality due to his imaginative quality.

10)If you want to know effects of Planet in 12th house you may read Planet in 12th house.

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