Second Lord in Sixth House


              2nd lord in 6th house
1) Before knowing effect of 2nd lord in 6th house we have to know about Dhan Bhav and Shatru Bhav .As 2nd house lord placed in 5th house away from own house so you may also read First house lord in 5th house .

2)As 6th house is dussthan and also a upchay house and it is trine from 2nd house so 2nd lord in 6th house indicating mixed results. It is good for some things but may be bad for other things. The whole results of 2nd lord depend on strength or condition of 2nd lord in 6th house. Also 2nd lord is markesh and placed in trik house so it other factors of jujde.

3)As 2nd house lord is placed 5th house away from own house so it indicating native may gets help of previous life good deeds in earning but as it is placed in dussthan so may be it is possible way of earning is wrong or unsocial . Native may earn through suspicious way, or illegal way, or from immoral way,or from frauds,or  from cheating,or other such way which is not according to morality. Native may inclination to gets other wealth.

4) As lord of wealth placed in 6th house so it may also indicating native may face trouble in enjoying his wealth own self. Most of time it is applicable for later stage of life.

5)6th house belongs to mamaji and lord of wealth is placed on it so it may possible native may gets wealth through his mamaji.

6)2nd lord is 5th house away from own house so native use his wealth for speculation but as it is placed in 6th house so he gets loss through speculative activity such as stock market, lottery, gambling,or other such type of activities. But if 2nd lord is well placed in 6th house then evil effect may reduce.

7)6th house belongs to fighting or struggle so lord of wealth in 6th house indicating native may have face struggling earnings. He have many enemy for his wealth or in simple he have face competition in earning. If well placed then he gets success over his enemy or compittior  regarding money matter . But if afflicted then indicating loss through his enemy or fail in competition.

8)As 6th belongs to legal matter and 2nd lord belongs to wealth so 2nd lord in 6th house indicating native may face legal problems regarding wealth. 2nd house also belongs to relatives so may be legal problems with relatives speacily regarding for wealth. So native may face loss through relatives.

9)6th house also belongs to disease and 2nd lord belongs to wealth so native may lose his wealth due to disease. Native may be suffering from  any incurable disease in which native have a lots of expenses.

10)As 6th house belongs to debits and lord of wealth placed in 6th house so native may be involving any debits related activities. If good placed then gets earnings through debits if I’ll placed then may suffering loss through debits.

11)2nd lord is belongs to speech and it is placed in 6th house so native is very expert in bargaining regarding speech. He is expert in settlement any matter through speech.

13)2nd lord belongs to Eyes and it is placed in 6th house so native may faces any eye related Disease specially if any eye karak planet involving in this combination.

14)6th house belongs to karm sthan for father being 10th from 9th house(house for father). 2nd house is 6th from 9th house. As lord of 6th house from father house (2nd house lord) is placed in 10th house from 9th house (6th house) so native father may be earnings through immoral way or through wrong deeds.

15)As 2nd lord is marakesh and it is placed is 6th house which is Marak house for child so it is also not good regarding children.

16)2nd lord with 6th lord in 6th house indicating native mamaji may be wealthy. Native enemy may be rich or wealthy person.Native may earn through medical line or legal line or speculation depending on horoscope.

17) If you want to know regarding effect of different planet in 6th house you may read Planet in 6th house.

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