Second Lord In 10th House

         2nd Lord in 10th House


1) Before knowing effects of 2nd lord in 10th house we have to know about Dhan Bhav and Tenth House. As 2nd lord is situated 9th from own house so you may read First Lord in 9th house.

2)2nd house is wealth house and 10th house is karma house so 2nd lord in 10th house indicating native earn his wealth through his karma. Or vice versa native is capable to earn wealth through his karma. So he achieve success in his life regarding earning matter. It may also indicating native may gets successful in his venture.

3)10th house belongs to wealth of father and 2nd lord is wealth of native so native may gets parental property or parental wealth.

4)10th house is social image and 2nd lord is placed here which is 5th lord from 10th house so native may gets social fame specially regarding his wealth . For example he may be assume as rich person in society. Native may gets respect in his society.

5)2nd lord in 10th house indicating native have many responsibility regarding his family. Because 10th house is karma house and 2nd lord belongs to family so native may have to do karma for his family. So native may be  in mental stress regarding his responsibility. It may also cause for early earnings means earnings start around teen age.

6)2nd house is karak of speech and its lord is placed in 10th house which indicating native is very practical in speech and behavior. It may also indicating native is very philosopher speaker. Native may also earn through this quality.

7)10th house belongs to kingship so 2nd lord in 10th house indicating native may accumulated wealth with help of government, authority, or any other famous person or institute. If any service yog involving in this yog then native may be working in government organization, or as administrative post.

8)2nd lord in 10th house indicating native has natural inclination regarding own work or love to become self employment. It may also indicating native may have many sub business through which he earn or having multiple source of earnings.

9) 2nd house from 9th house indicating Marak place for father so 6th house lord from 9th house (2nd house lord for native) may cause for death of father. So a afflicted 2nd lord in 10th house is not consider good regarding health or lifespan of father.

10)If 2nd lord in 10th house establishing any relationship with 6th house then native gets success competition in his profession life. Because if we consider 6th house as lagan regarding competition then 10th house is 5th from 6th house and 2nd house is 9th house so native is capable to win any competition and this combination made in 10th house regarding native so he may gets success in his competition for his profession. And this combination also indicating combination of all 3 arth kona so native is Lucky regarding money matters. It may also brings success in competitive exam.

11)2nd lord in 10th house with 10th lord indicating native may earn huge wealth through his profession. He may achieve higher status in his profession. Native may have good fame. He gets parental property. In simple word it is good yog in native horoscope.

12) If you want to know effect of different planet in 10th house you may read Planet In 10th house.

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