First House Lord In Fifth House

1st house lord in 5th House

1) Before knowing effect of 1st house lord in 4th house we have to know about Tanu Bhav and Fifth House.

2)Laganesh in 5th house is consider very auspicious. As 5th house is also belongs to past life good deeds so when Laganesh is situated in 5th house it is consider native have direct connection with his past life. Native carrying good amount of Punya karam in this current life which makes native automatically fortunate. So native may gets easy life means native gets any things with easy way.

3)5th house is belongs to mantra house so Laganesh in 5th house indicating native may be good reciters of mantra or power to siddh mantra. As 5th house also belongs to Vidhya so native may get any mysteries Vidhya when Laganesh is well placed in 5th house. Other wise native have good education and well learned. Native may be religious and go for any religious tour. Native may be like do traditional rituals.

4)As 5th house of kaalpurush chart have Leo sign and lagan is Aries so 1st lord in 5th house consider native may be volatile in nature. But actual results depend on rashi of 5th house and nature of Laganesh  but volatility is always a one puts in results as consideration other effect.

5)Laganesh in 5th house also indicating native may be long lived.

6) As 5th house belongs to children so Laganesh in 5th house indicating native have many children. If it is well placed then native may gets fortunes through his child birth.Or child may be fortunate for him. It may also indicating native may gets fame through his children deeds. Means children may be famous and then his father means native may be become famous.

7)Laganesh in 5th house also indicating native may be helpful for others or native serve other. Native may be working under anyone.

8) Laganesh in 5th house indicating  native may Gets name & fame and happiness.

9)As 5th house belongs to speculation so Laganesh in 5th house indicating native may be fortunate regarding speculation. Native may earn well through speculation.

10)5th house also belongs to politics so native may be gets profit from political party. If a well placed Laganesh in 5th house then native may be head of political party.

11) If Laganesh in 5th house making relationship with 9th house or 10th house it creates a wonderful rajyogs. One effect may be native may be fortunate after marriage.

12)Laganesh and 5th house lord in 5th houses indicating native may got profit from government. Native have good mental peace. Native may be diplomat or may be minister. Native may be head of any political party or may gets profit from politics.

13)If you want to know effect of different planet in 5th house you may read Planet in 5th house .

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