First House Lord In Eight House

1st House Lord In 8th House


1)Before knowing effect of 1st house lord in 8th house we have to know about Tanu Bhav and Eight House.

2)8th house is prime house for Life span so placement of Laganesh in 8th house has direct impact on native lifespan. Now if Laganesh is well placed in 8th house native have long lifespan. But if Laganesh is weak or afflicted then lifespan may be doubtable means may be low lifespan.

3)8th house belongs to incurable disease so a a strong Laganesh in 8th house indicating native don’t suffering from any incurable disease. But if Laganesh in 8th is afflicted then native may be suffering from Incurable disease.

4)Overall 8th house shows obstacles in life path so Laganesh in 8th do not be weak because a weak Laganesh  shows native may facing a lots of obstacles in life path. If Laganesh is strong then native may face obstacles easily or through his strength Such as strength to fight with disease means power of vitality.

5)Laganesh in 8th house cause for sudden death or death through accident or any incurable disease. If Laganesh is strong and well placed then native may have peaceful life and gets sudden death. But if Laganesh is afflicted then native have unpeaceful   life and death by suffering a incurable disease.

6)8th house also belongs to higher and research study so if Laganesh is strong and well placed then native may be scholar and may be in research. Native may gets knowledge of hidden subjects. Native may be interested in occults or healing or spiritual knowledge. Native may have good idea of speculation. Well placed Laganesh indicating success in this matters or weak/afflicted Laganesh indicating native may facing loss through all this matters.

7)8th house indicating property gets through  after death of father or from will so a good placed Laganesh indicating native gets property through will. It may also indicating gets hidden money or money from illegal way so native may gets unearned money. But if Laganesh is weak or afflicted then native may lose his wealth due to any secret or illegal matters. Native may lose through sudden matters such as accident, thief,fire,etc depending on horoscope.

8)8th house Laganesh indicating native may be gambler in nature. They are inclination to taking risks. If strong and well placed then gets success in gambling if weak then suffering loss through gambling.

9)8th house Laganesh  indicating native may be false speaker and have bad morality. But if Laganesh is afflicted by beneficial planet then evil effect may reduce. If Laganesh is strong then native may be helpful in nature . If Laganesh in 8th house connection with spiritual rashi or spiritual planet or spiritual nakhstra then native may gets spiritual wakeup.

10)When Laganesh in 8th house placed with 8th lords then its impact Laganesh badly. All depend on strength of Laganesh in 8th house but in general way it is not consider good. It is indicating native may be suffering loss . Native may be poor or suffering from poverty. Native may be in debits. Native have a struggle full life. Native may be negative minded. Native may be lives a bad lifestyle. Native may involving in criminal acts.  If 8th lord is weak then evil effect may reduced.

11) 8th house also belongs to blaming so when Laganesh is placed in 8th house native may face blaming.

12) For effect of different planet in 8th house you may read Planet in 8th house .

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  1. if venus is Ist house loard and sitting in 8th house. Please tell me effect of venus in my life.

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