First House Lord In 12th House


       1st House Lord in 12th house
1) Before knowing effect of 1st house lord in 12th house we have to know about Tanu Bhav and Twelve House .

2) In general way 1st house lord in 12th house don’t consider good because it is indicating loss of natural strength of Laganesh. It may cause for lose good effect of Laganesh. Native may be suffering from doubts .Native don’t have so much self confidence. Native may have some doubt regarding own self capacity. Native may also doubt  on his presence in this world. Native may be suffering regarding his status in society.

3)As 12th house belongs to sleeping so when Laganesh placed in 12th house it may possible native may suffering from any sleeping problems such as less sleeping. It may also possible native may have not well daily sleeping habits. So native may suffering from pain in head. Native may be suffering from mental stress.

4)12th house belongs to bed pleasure so Laganesh in 12th house indicating native may be highly sexual. Native may have more inclination regarding matterlistic matters. If Laganesh is weak or afflicted by any tamsic planet or watery sign, or any tamsic nakhstra then this bad habits may increasing or may inclination regarding illegal relationship. But Laganesh is strong or influence under satvic planet, rashi, or nakhstra then native may have control on own self. A afflicted Laganesh in 12th may cause for sexual disease.

5)12th house belongs to foreign things so Laganesh in 12th house indicating native may go for foreign land. If Laganesh in 12th house making relationship with any Travel house then native definitely go for foreign travel. If 12th house lord may placed in 1st house native may settled aboard. Native may get success in foreign land or get profit through foreign land.

6) As lagan or 1st house belongs to birth place so Laganesh in 12th house indicating native may go away from birthplace. Native may be lives a travelers life or travel a lots. If Laganesh in 12th house is weak then native may pressuresed to leaving his birthplace.

7)12th house belongs to expenses so Laganesh in 12th house indicating native may inclination regarding luxurious life. Native don’t expenses so much because he have control on expenses. If Laganesh is afflicted then native may have lose his control on expenses. It may cause for suffering loss in business . Or native suffering problem to get success in his business. Native may have debits in his business. Native may expenses his wealth on social welfare, donation, religious activities, hospital, or other charitable deeds.

8)12th house Laganesh indicating native may be emotional but he have control over own feelings. Native may have bad moral conduct.

9)12th house belongs to spirituality so Laganesh in 12th house indicating native may gets spiritual wake up. He may be religious and going for religious tour. Native may have inclination regarding occult or have knowledge of occults science. Native may have healing knowledge .

10)Laganesh in 12th house is weak then native may be suffering from disfame and face blaming. It may cause for false blames , jail, or other legal problems.Native may be fraud, false speaker or doing illegal activity. Native may be criticizer of unnecessary way. If Laganesh is strong then conditions may be improve in positive way.

11) Laganesh in 12th house indicating native may have restless brain so if Laganesh is indicating positive way then native may be very intelligent if negative way then he is negative thinker .

12) If Laganesh is well placed in 12th house then it may be possible native may get fame for his deeds after own death or in simply native may gets fame for such type he is remember after his death.

13) Laganesh in 12th house also don’t consider good regarding health of native. It may also do not good go for physically constitution of body of native.

14)When Laganesh is placed with 12th lord in 12th house it is consider bad regarding lagan. Native have suffering from health issues. He may suffering from his financial condition. He may suffering from poverty. He have a lots of obstacles in life path. He may force to leave his birthplace. He don’t gets his parental property.

15) If want to know effect of different planet in 12th house you may read Planet in 12th House .

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