Venus In Eleventh House

Venus In Eleventh house

1)Before Knowing effect of Venus In 11th house we have to know about Venus and 11th house. So we have to read this

Lord Of Kaliyug wealth Venus—

Eleventh House–Profit House of Your horoscop—

2)11th house is house of gain and venus is lord Of wealth in Kalpurush chart so native may gain huge wealth.Native have all sorts of materialistic happiness or Comfortaability.

3)11th house belongs to desires and venus belongs to sexual desires so venus in 11th house indicating native may have sexual happiness. As 11th house is Upchaya house and gain so venus in 11th house may cause for relation with many women. Venus In 11th house make native flirt type. Because venus in 11th house also aspects 5th house of emotion,love,mentality.

4)11th house venus indicating native may got profit with help of women. Or native may got profit through women related profession.

5)11th house belongs to friend circle so venus In 11th house indicating native have many friends and most of them is women. Or native may be interested in friendship with women.

6)Venus is karak of vehicle so native may got profit through vehicle or native may have vehicle.

7)Venus In 11th house also indicating native have happiness through servants.

8)Venus from 11th house aspects on 5th house of mentality so native have lovely nature.

9)Venus In 11th house make native travel lover. Native loves to travel a lots.Native may be famous for his attractive and lovely nature.

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