Sun In Twelfth House

Sun In Twelfth House
1)Before Knowing effect of Sun In 12th house we should know about Sun and 12th house. So you may read this

Twelve House–House Of Expense–

Sun The Boss Of All Planet—-

2)According to Bhavartha Ratanakar native may be fortunated regarding that Bhav which Karak is situated in 12th Bhav from Lagan. So according to this rule Sun is karak of 1st Bhav and 9th Bhav so native may be fortunated regarding 1st and 9th Bhav matter. As Fame belongs to 1st and 9th house and also its Karak Sun so native may be fortunated regarding Fame.

3)As Sun belongs to Father and it is placed in 12th house so native may have traboule with his father.Type of traboule depand on horoscop such as misunderstanding, logic differences, separation,death etc.

4)Sun is karak of eye sight so when Sun is placed in 12th house native may be problem related to eyes.

5)Sun in 12th house also indicating problem related to brain. In Genral way native may be suffering from less sleep.Native may be suffering from Migraine .Native may facing problem related to abdomen specialy Kabj type problem.Sun in 12th house may also cause for deformed of physique. As 12th house also belongs to bed pleasure so when Sun is placed in 12th house so native may face problem in bed pleasure.

6)Sun in 12th house also consider bad regarding bussiness.Native may face problem in bussiness or suffering loss in bussiness.

7)As Sun is belongs to Government so Sun in 12th house may cause for problem related to Government or authority. Native may face expenses through government or authority.

8)Sun is karak of Soul and its placed in Most spiritual Moksh trikona so native may be Spiritual from Soul, Native may be religious and may be involving in auspicious deeds.Native may be kind from heart.

9)Sun in 12th house may also cause for morally fallen personality. Native don’t have broad minded.Native may be involving in immoral deeds for living his life hood.Native don’t success in courageous deeds.But native may be powerful.Native may be very poisonous in thoughts or regarding thoughts.

10)Sun in 12th house indicating native may be surrounded by many type of enemys but native have power to crush his enemy.

11)Sun in 12th house may cause for interest in occult science of knowledge.

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