Sun In Tenth House

Sun In Tenth House

1)Before knowing effect of Sun In 10th house first we have to know about Sun and 10th house. So you may read this

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2)Sun In 10th house consider auspicious because Sun In 10th house gets Digbal(Directional Strength) so it is indicating Sun have full power to give its natural Karaktav.

3)10th house is our Karam sthan and Sun In placed in 10th house which indicating native may be success in all work. Sun is karak of brain and it have full digbal means native have best brain so native may be intelligence, strong from brain(brave and courageous), Sun In 10th house one meaning is Lord of Purb punya(Past life good deeds) is placed in Karam sthan in Kalpurush chart which indicating native get success through his Karam due to blessing of his past life good deeds.
So native may be enjoying a good life.

4)10th house belongs to Kingship when Sun is placed in 10th house native may become King. So in modern time it is indicating native may be in Politics and through this he become head of villages,town,city,state or country depanding on horoscop.

5)Sun belongs to government or Authority and 10th house belongs to Profession so when Sun in 10th house native may be in Government jobs or Authority jobs or Jobs in Big Mnc. Other indication may be native may got profit or favore through Government or Authority. It may also indicating native may got promotion to higher post and become head of authority or organization.

6) Sun belongs to vitality or health and Medical is profession related to health so Sun is prime karak of Medical field. So when Sun in 10th house native may be in profession related to Medical profession. Other planet influence on Sun indicating native may goes in which field related to Medical profession such as physician, Medical representative, Aurvedic, hospital. Drugs dealer.Doctor,surgeon etc.

7)Sun is natural karak of Fame and it is placed in 10th house which related to social fame so native may be good Name and Fame in society. As Sun is placed in 10th house of Karam house so native may be famous for his good Karam or work.One another indication of Sun In 10th house is native Father may be Famous(As Sun is Karak of Father). One other indication is Boss of Native is Famous or Native working in famous company( as Sun is Karak of Boss).

8)Sun is natural Karak of Son so when Sun is occupy 10th house native may have Son. It also mean Native may got Parental property( 10th house is 2nd from 9th house means Father Wealth, Sun is Karak of Father and its placed on Father’s Wealth house and from it is aspects on 4th house of property).

9)Sun is natural Karak of vitality so when Sun in 10th house getting digbal so it is indicating native may got improvement of Health during Dasha of Sun. In Genral if Sun is not afflicted in 10th house then native may be strong and good sound health.

10)10th house belongs to our social conduct so when Sun is placed in 10th house native may have self respect and got respect from others and also behave respectful to other.

11)10th house Sun indicating native may be king its one meaning is native may be powerful or may be rich and wealthy or may have all sort of convinces.

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