Sun In Eleventh House

   Sun In Eleventh House


1)Before Knowing effect of Sun In 11th house we have to know about Sun and 11th house. So you may read this

Eleventh House–Profit House Of Your Horoscop—


Sun The Boss of All Planet–


2)11th house is Labh(Profit) House and it is also Upchaya house. So when Sun is placed in 11th house its indicating profit of vitality or gain of vitality which indicating native may have long life.

3)Sun belongs to authority or government when Sun is placed in 11th house(Profit house) it indicating native may got profit from authority or government. Sun In 11th house may also indicating native may got promotion or higher post.

4)Sun is Karak of Fame and 11th house indicating Prize, getting Honour so 11th house Sun indicating may be honour by authority or Government and May be get Name and Fame and become Famous.

5)Sun in 11th house indicating native may be a natural leader. So native may have good leadership quality and become leader of own his society,city,state,Country and world depanding on Horoscop.

6)Sun in 11th house indicating native may be wealthy and rich and fulfill all his desire.Native may have strong inclinations to gathering Money and wealth.Native may got success in easyway.

7)But Sun In 11th may cause traboule for children. Native may face problem in child birth. Because Sun In 11th house aspects 5th house of children.Children of native also may face problem regarding health and other problem because for children Sun is situated 7th from house of children which is not consider auspicious.But if sun is well placed then Native may have child.

8)11th house also belongs to elder and Sun is boss of all planet so 11th house Sun is indicating Native may be elder of his family. If native is not elder then may have status like elder in his family.Native may be Kartha(Head) of his family.Native may have all responsibility of his family or may suffering through responsibility of family.

9)Sun In 11th house may cause for Abdomen problem due to aspects on 5th house.

10)Sun In 11th house indicating Native may have many enemy.But native is strong and Brave.

11)Sun In 11th house indicating Native may be strong “Sidhantvadi” and “Durdrista”.

12)Sun is Karak of Father and it is placed in 3rd from 9th house and 2nd from 10th house which is not consider good regarding Father’s life or health.A afflicted Sun In 11th house may cause premature death of Father.

13)11th house Sun indicating Native may have Royal friends.

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