Saturn In Twelfth House

Saturn in 12th house


1)Before knowing effect of Saturn in 12th house first we have to know about
Lord of Misfortune Shani

Twelve House— House for expenses

2)12th house belongs to expenses and Saturn is karak of expenses so native may be extremely cheap and don’t want to expenses on any matter even in genuine purpose. But this don’t mean native may have not expenses.Native may have much expenses in which native have not control any more.

3)Saturn in 12th house is not consider good because in 12th house Saturn giving so much evil fruits.

4)Saturn in 12th may cause for eye problems. As 12 th house also belongs to eye sights and Saturn also aspects on 2nd house which is prime karak for eyes. So native may have defective eye construction or may have eye sights problem.

5)Saturn is karak of lifespan and it is placed in 12th house of expenses so native may have limited life span.One more cause for it is Saturn aspects on 2nd House which is marak house and aspects on 6th house which is enemy house for lagan.

6)Saturn is natural karak of disfame and from 12th house(one of dussthan) it is aspects on 9thhouse of  fame so native may gets disfame and may be insulting by others. Native may be stupid or assume to be stupid.It is also not good for Father.

7)Saturn in 12th house may cause for debits as it is aspects on 6th house of debits. Native may suffering lose in business.

8)Saturn in 12th house may cause for suffering from legal problems to the native.Native may defeated from his enemy.

9)Saturn in 12th may cause for health problems. Native may suffering from many diseases. Native may have skin problems or may have body heating problem or fever type problems. Native may have suffering loss of his body limbs.

10)As 12th house belongs to sleeping so Saturn in 12th may cause for less sleeping. So native may have less Sleeping problems, native may have suffering from unwanted dream. Further it may cause for mental stress. Native may be lazy.Native may have a lots of inclination regarding negative thinking. Native may involving in secret bad deeds.

11)12th house Saturn indicating native may loss his wealth due to aspects on 2nd house.It may also cause of loss of parental property due to aspects on 10th house.

12)As 12th house belongs to renunciation so Saturn in 12th may cause for detachment from world or materialistic world because 12th Saturn aspects on 2nd house of family or relatives and 10th house of society.
Or simply detachment with society or relatives.