Saturan In Tenth House

Saturn In Tenth House

1)Before Knowing Effect of Saturn In 10th house first we have to know about Saturn and 10th house. So you may read this

Tenth House-Profession House—

Lord Of Misfortune–Shani–

2)Saturn is lord Of 10th and 11th house in Kalpurush chart and it is natural Karamkarak so its placement in 10th house may be consider very auspicious. One another cause is 10th is Upchaya house and natural Melific in Upchaya house is consider good.

3)Tenth House belongs to profession of Native. And Saturan is a planet who gives results after Struggling so Saturan in 10th house native may be struggling in early age or starting of professional life. But after Struggling it is giving very good results regarding profession. Time of struggling depand of Saturn placement if it is well placed then less struggle and bad placed then more struggling.Native may be facing up and down in life and profession. It may be in sudden way such as sudden rise or sudden downfall.

4)10th house belongs to social image of Native when Saturan occupy 10th house native may be very good social behavior.Native may be working for social activity speaicly for lower class people. Native may got respect from lower class people.It may also indicating Native may be respected by his employees,servant or co-worker.

5)Saturan in 10th house makes native wealthy,Rich,learned,valorous,brave and Famous.

6)Saturan in 10th house makes native very Hardworking.Native may faces mental stress due to aspects on 4th house.

7)Saturan in 10th house native may be leader of Mass or low grade people.Native may be involving in politics.Native may be leader of city,town,villages,state or country depanding on horoscop.Native may be king or equal to king or minister or ruler. Overall Native may be a powerful person in society.Native may be experts in Bhed Nithi(Divide Rule).Through which native doing his politics.

8)Saturan in 10th house aspects on 12th house,4th house and 7th house which indicating Native may go for Forigen travel. It may also indicating Native may go for religious tour.

9)Saturan in 10th house indicating Native may be very good judicial ability or justice lover.If horoscop supported then native may be Jujde or Panch.

10)Saturan in 10th house may cause for Vata related Problem to the native. Or it may cause for health problem ti the native due to aspects on 12th house of hospital and 7th house of Marak house. It may also cause these health problem due to Mental stress.

11)Saturan in 10th house native may be Farmer or working under agriculture industry.

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