Saturan In Eleventh House

Saturn In Eleventh House

1)Before knowing effect of Saturan in 11th house first we have to know about Saturn and 11th house. So you may read this

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2)11th house is Upchaya house and gain house and Saturn in 11th consider very good because it is giving so many good fruits in 11th house.

3)Saturan in 11th house makes native long-lived.Native may have sound health or devoid from sickness. Native may be courageous and free from fears.

4)Saturan in 11th house indicating native may be wealthy and rich.Native have a lots of property.This wealth may lasting whole life but native may be suffering in early age of life.

5)Saturan in 11th house indicating native may be got benefit through lower class. Such as native may employing a lot of person and with the help of they earnings means as industry type profession. Native may got profit from government sources. Native may also got profit through bussinessman and industrialist.

6)Saturan in 11th house indicating native may be in politics or interested in politics. Native may got success in politics. It also indicating native may be political minded.

7)11th house Saturan may cause problem regarding native education.Native may have less children or native may have problem with his children.

8)Native may have traboule with his eldersiblings or siblings.

9)Native may have problem with his wife.

10)Native may be knowledge of arts or interested in arts.

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