Rahu In Twelfth House

Rahu in 12th house


1)Before knowing effect of Rahu in 12th house we have to first know about Rahu  and 12th house so you may read this
Twelve House– House of expenses

Accelerating Planet Of Materialistic World Rahu

2)Rahu in 12th house may cause for eye disease. It may also cause for any water related disease such as dropsy etc. Rahu in 12th house may cause for heart disease .

3)Rahu in 12th house makes native very courageous. Native may gets victory over his enemy.Native may be helpful in nature.

4)Rahu in 12th house indicating native may be involving in illegal activity.Native may be doing some secret works. Native may be fallen in moral character.

5)Rahu in 12th house makes native rich and wealthy.Native may be enjoying luxurious life. Native may be expenses a lots on materialists matters. But native don’t expenses so much in genuine matter.Native may doing all possible deeds for deposit money even immoral ways.

6)As 12th house belongs to bed pleasure so Rahu in 12th indicating native may have so much inclination regarding sexual activity. Native may be fallen in morality regarding this senses.

7)12th house belongs to foreign land and Rahu also belongs to foreign matter so native may be establishing some foreign connection. For example foreign tour, foreign business, relationship with foreign guys etc. It may also indicating native may earn huge through any untraditional matters.

8)Rahu in 12th house may cause for accident of native. Native may lost any body limbs. Native have less child.

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