Moon In Twelfth House

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1)Before Knowing effects of Moon in 12th house first we have to know about Moon and 12th house. So you may read this
Queen of planet Moon—

Twelve House of expense—

2)As per as Bhavrarth Ratnakar any planet which occupy 12th house then native may be fortunate regarding karak of that house.So as Moon occupy 12th house so native may be fortunate regarding 4th house matter.

3)Native may have good and royal house. Native may have good physical attractive body.Native may be good in speech behavior .Native may have good self-respect.Native may be kind and emotional.

4)As moon is karak of eyesight and it is placed in 12th house so native may suffering from eye sight problem.

5)Moon in 12th house may cause for huge expenses to the native.Native may be enjoying luxurious lifestyle.

6)As moon is karak of mind and and it is placed in 12th house so native may be sufferings from mental stress. Native may not be broad minded. Native may likes to live lonely. Native may have fallen in moral sense. Native may be excess emotional behavior .

7)As 12th house is belongs to foreign travel and moon is also a very fast traveling planet so native may be traveling a lot.It may also cause for forigen travel. Native may also got success away from home town. As moon is 4th houselord of kaalpurush chart and it is placed in 12th house which is 9th house away from own house so it may cause for away from own town.

8)Moon is karak of physical body so when it is placed in 12th house so native may be suffering from physical disability or loss of any body parts.

9)Moon in 12th house may cause for facing humiliation to the native. Native may be insulting by others or people may have animosity against him.Native may be cheated by his helper.

10)Moon is lord of one moksh trikona of kaalpurush chart and it is placed in other moksh trikona which indicating native may be inclination towards pleasing matters such as sexual pleasure,drinking, and other entertaining matters.

11)Moon in 12th house may indicating native may be spiritual and religious from mind.Native may go for religious tour .This religious place many on the bank of river.

12)If Moon is natural benefic then good results may increasing and if natural melific then bad results may increasing.

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