Ketu In Twelve House

ketu Twelfth House
1)Before knowing effect of Ketu in 12th house we have to known about ketu and 12th house. So you may read this

Twelve House   and


2)As 12th house belongs to eyes so when ketu occupying 12th house native may have eye sights related problems or any eye disease.

3)As 12th house belongs to foreign land and ketu also belongs to foreign or outcasts matter so native may go for foreign place. It may also indicating native may be travel lovers or traveling so much.Ketu in 12th house indicating native may be forced to leave his birthplace or native may leaves his birthplace.

4)Ketu in 12th house indicating native have wandering nature. Native do not have peace in mind. His mind containing so many unnecessary thoughts or fear which creating problems regarding sleeping or mental peace.

5)ketu in 12th house indicating native may be forced to do wrong or immoral acts. He may be involving in any such type of secret acts.

6)As 12th house belongs to expenses and ketu is placed in 12th house so native may expenses his money for undesirable purpose. But native do not spend his money for luxurious life or other necessary matters.ketu in 12th house may cause for loss of parental property or native destroy his parental property. Native may destroy his deposited wealth.

7)Ketu in 12th house indicating native may be quarrelsome in nature and involving in criticism. Native may be immoral on behavior. Native may have relationship with low class people such as servants and may be helpful for them and working with them.

8)12th house may belongs to bed pleasure so when ketu occupy 12th house it may causes dishappiness in bed pleasure. Native may have relationship with outcasts women or low grade women.

9)As 12th house also belongs to spiritual healing and ketu is prime karak of spirituality so native may be spiritual and may got power of spiritual healing. Native may be religious.

10)It is also consider ketu in 12th may cause for Moksh means freedom from birth cycle.

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