Ketu In Tenth House

Ketu In Tenth House

1)Before knowing effect of Ketu In 10th house we have to know about Ketu and 10th house. So you may read this

Tenth House—Your Profession House–

Ketu-Destroyer of Materialistic world–

2)10th house belongs to our professional Life. Ketu In 10th house indicating native may have unstable professional Life. Native may face a lots of change or transformation in professional Life.Native may facing a lots of problem or obstacle in professional Life.Native don’t satisfied with own profession. If Ketu is well placed or benific aspects Ketu then evil effect may reduced.

3)Ketu in 10th house may also cause for disturbance in family happiness or mental stress.

4)10th house belongs to our social image when Ketu placed in 10th house native may be very bold. Native may be brave,strong and famous for his valor. But native don’t have good social behavior. Actualy Ketu In 10th may cause for rude or harshly behavior to society.

5)Ketu in 10th house indicating Native may be very clever and smart. Native may be use his cleverness in impure and bad action. But when Ketu is well placed then native use his capacity to higher wisdom work.

6)A well placed Ketu in 10th house indicating Native may be involving in religious work and doing work related to religious or spiritual field.Native may be working in social field for poor people.

7)Ketu In 10th may cause for loss of parental wealth and property. Native may cause for Disfame of his parents and family.

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  1. I had read and refer all, i surprised personally, I, m doing M.Sc Applied astrology. Your all version is useful to me now and forever. I wish to be a student of you. God bless my guru.I wish to go for research in astrology but i don’t know whether my god permits.
    Surely i will refer this website for my colleagues for reference.

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