Ketu In Ninth House

Ketu In Ninth House


1)Before Knowing effect of Ketu In 9th house we have to know about Ketu and 9th house. So you may read this

Ninth House—Your Fortune Place—

Ketu–Destroyer Of Materialistic world—

2)9th house belongs to Father and Ketu is natural Melific so Ketu In 9th may cause for Arist(bad regarding health) for father.Ketu in 9th house also don’t good regarding relation between Father and Native. Native may be doing shame ful acts which may cause for insulting Father or native may be insulting his parents.

3)9th house belongs to Religion when Ketu placed in 9th house native may be irreligious Or Nasthik. But as Ketu is karak of spirituality and 9th house of Kalpurush is Excellent rashi for Ketu so if Ketu is well placed then native is extremely religious or spiritual personality(speaicly in Scorpion,Sagittarious and Piscesa).Native may be involving sinful and unrighteous action regarding religious activity.9th house also Belongs to Mantra sakthi and Ketu is karak of Tantra sakthi so Native may be involving in Tantra-Mantra regarding religious activity.

4)9th house is belongs to fortune and Ketu is natural Melific so Native may be unfortunate. But Benific aspects on Ketu decrease Melific effect. Or good placed Ketu also cause for good fortune.

5)when Ketu occupy 9th house native may be good in communication(Because Rahu in 3rd house of communication) so Native influence a lot of mass through his communicating style. But a lot of possibility to native cheat other through his communicating style.

6)9th house is Bhavat Bhavam of 5th house regarding mentality(emotional behavior) so when Ketu occupy 9th house native may be short temper and lose his passions(Mental peace) through just simple matter.Native may be full of egoism. Always try to showcase himself unnecessary. But as Rahu in 3rd house native may be brave.

7)9th house belongs to Long travel and Ketu belongs to Forigen travel so Native always go for Forigen travel for different -different matter.

8)9th house Ketu indicating Native nay be cheap in behavior. Native may earn and deposited a lot of money or wealth through his cheapness.

9)9th house Ketu may cause bad for siblings also.

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