Ketu In Eleventh House

Ketu In Eleventh House

1)Before Knowing effect Of Ketu in 11th house first we have to know about Ketu and 11th house. So you may read this

Ketu–Destroyer of Materialistic world—-

Eleventh House—Profit House Of Your Horoscop—-

2)Ketu in 11th House consider good. 11th house is Upchaya house and any Melific planet in Upchaya house is consider good regarding materialistic matters. Native may be deposited a lots of wealth and property.Native have habits of hoarding. Native may earn through speculating type things such as stock market,Batting,lottery,racing etc. As Ketu also belongs to spiritual or religious matter so native may be earn through spirituality and religious work. Some time native may earn through alter way.

3)Ketu in 11th house makes native royal in behavior, Native may be kind and good heart. Native may be very intelligent and having good skilled.Native may be very well in speech.Through all this quality native may be success in all his undertakings.

4)Ketu in 11th house indicating native fulfill all his desires. Native got all sorts of comforts and conveyance. Native may be inclinations regarding Luxuriouse life.Native may be charectoreless regarding sexual matter. It may also cause for trouble in marrige relation.

5)Ketu in 11th house may cause for less child and traboule through children or separation from children or death of children depanding on horoscop.Native children may be smart and intelligent.

6)Ketu in 11th house may cause for abdomen problem. Ketu in 11th may cause for mental stress.

7)As 11th house belongs to elder siblings so it may cause traboule for elder siblings. Native have less elder siblings or native may separate from his siblings.

8)Ketu in 11th house indicating native may have Good Name and Fame and Good and reputed post.

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  1. My ketu in 11 house, rahu5th Saturn 2nd sukra 6th,guru 12th Bush,4th mangal 5th Chandra=3rd rabi 5th house. I lost my job at April, not get new job, sir what to do,
    Dob=18 ,Oct 1976, dhubri Assam, 10pm

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