Jupiter In Tenth House

Jupiter In Tenth House

1)Before knowing effect of Jupiter in 10th House first we have to know about Jupiter and Tenth House. So you may read this

Tenth House–Profession House Of Your horoscop–

Lord Of Sky —Jupiter—

2)10th House belongs to our social image when Jupiter occupy 10th House native may be religious or good moral image in society.Native may be a respectable person in society. As Jupiter is Debilitated in 10th House Of Kalpurush chart this indicating native may be very strict regarding Rule and regulations. If Jupiter is afflicted in 10th House then native use his wisdom in negative ways.Other wise native may be highly reputed person.

3)As Jupiter In 10th House aspects on 6th house Of service so its one indication may be native may be in service of King. Its meaning is native may doing government jobs under the authority. Native may be in government jobs but don’t reach at top higher post means native may be capable to reach upto Number two position in there profession.

4)Jupiter In 10th House indicating native may be earn well and deposited a lots of wealth. Because Jupiter placed in arth Kona and aspects all other arth Kona.As aspects on 2nd house indicating native may earns a lot of wealth through his profession.

5)Jupiter In 10th House indicating native may be in profession which is related to jupiter.For example Teacher,religious or spiritual worker,Jujde,adviser.counselor,philosopher,Money or treasury related jobs etc. But final results may depand on other factore which related to 10th House.

6)As Jupiter aspects on 4th house which is consider very good so native may got all sorts of happiness. It also indicating happiness from family and relatives because it is also aspects on 2nd house of family.Native may be well educated.Native may also got vehicle and property through own earnings.

7)AS JUPITER is placed in 10th House which belongs to father wealth and aspects on 4th house of property and 2nd house of family so native may got his parental property and wealth.

8)Jupiter In 10th House indicating native may inclined regarding social welfare activity.

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