Jupiter In Eleventh House

Jupiter In Eleventh House

1)Before Knowing effect of Jupiter In 11th house first we have to know about Jupiter and 11th house. So you may read this

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2)Jupiter is karak of Dhan(wealth) and it is placed in 11th house Of gain so native may be wealthy and rich. Native may earn good profit.Native may have obtaining many type of materialistic happiness.Native may be fulfil all his desires.Native may have many type of conveyances.Native have many person to serve him.11th house Jupiter also indicating native don’t suffering from financial problem.

3)11th house is a Upchaya house and gain house so when Jupiter placed in 11th house Jupiter increaseing its natural Karaktav so native may be wise,knowledgeable,have good religious inclinations and having fear from God means try to walk on Path which is suggested by his religion.

4)11th house belongs to long life so Jupiter as natural benific indicating native may be long life.

5)Jupiter in 11th house aspects 3rd house so native may be fearless and brave.Native may have siblings and native may help his siblings and good relation with siblings.Native may be lover of music.

6)Jupiter from 11th house aspects on 5th house so its effect native mentality. Native may be kind, wise and religious. Native may be interested in gaining Vidya. So native may be interest in religious books and shastra such as Ved, vedanga etc.Native may also go for religious tour(because Jupiter in 11th aspects two travel house 3rd and 7th also). It also indicating native child may be best but children number may be limited.

7)9th aspects of Jupiter from 11th house is on 7th house which indicating native may got best life partner. Partner may be kind nature and religious. It also reduce Marak effect of 7th house.

8)Jupiter in 11th house indicating native may have many friend and a good social friend circle.

9)11th house is for elder so when jupiter occupy 11th house it is indicating native may be blessed by elders.

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