Venus In Sixth House

     Venus In Sixth House


1)Before Knowing effect of Venus In 6th house we have to know about Venus and 6th house. So you may read this

Sixth House–Shatru Bhav–

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2)6th house belongs to Virgo rashi of Kalpurush chart where venus is Debilitated. 6th house is also a Upchaya house when venus occupy 6th house its improve its natural Karaktav such as creativity, sexuality etc.

3)6th house belongs to enemy when venus occupy 6th house native will have no enemy. Venus is belongs to Sama(counseling) Nithi when venus occupy 6th house native will able to settle his disputes through own good counseling ability.Strong venus indicating native got victory over his enemy.

4)6th house also belongs to disease. Afflicted Venus indicating Native may be suffering from sexual disease. Venus is also Eye Karak planet when Sun and Moon is connected with venus in 6th house then it may cause for eye problem.Venus afflicted by Melific planet may be cause for dental problem.
Venus is karak of vehicle when venus is afflicted by Mars in 6th house it may be cause of accidents specially through vehicle.
Venus also belongs to penis when venus is weak or afflicted it may cause for penis disease.In Genral way venus in 6th indicating Kapha and Vata Dosh.

5)Venus in 6th also aspects 12th house of bedpleasure so native may be involving in illegal sexual activity or relation.

6)6th house venus also indicating Native may have good creative knowledge. If Venus is strong native may be success in cinema, acting ,drama, poetry,Music, singing, Nursing, and other arts related profession.

7)Venus is belongs to vehicle when 10th lord is connection with venus in 6th house native may be work in vehicle related profession.

8)Venus in 6th house indicating Native may be favored by women or got success through help of women.

9)7th house is house for wife and its natural Karaktav is venus so when Venus placed in 6th house it means it is 12th from his karak house therefore it may cause for bad relation with his wife.

10)Venus in 6th house make native mean. Native may be devoid of wealth. If venus is well placed then native may be kind and expense its wealth in auspicious work. Other wise it may cause for expanse of wealth for women and other bad work.

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