Sun In Eight House

  Sun In Eight House


1)Before Knowing Effect Of Sun In 8th House first we have to know about Sun and 8th House. So you may read this

Sun The Boss Of All Planet—–

Eight House—Mrityu Bhav—

2) 8th House belongs to Death House so Sun In 8th House indicating Native may have medium Life span. If Sun is well placed(such as excellation,own sign, friend sign) then Life span may increaseing depanding on Strength of Sun and if weak or ill placed then Life span may decreasing depanding on how weak is sun. Overall in Genral Sun In 8th House native have medium Life.

3)It is Genral consideration any planet occupy 8th House lose its natural Karaktav and strength. Sun is belongs to vitality so when Sun occupy 8th House native may have weak vitality. So native may have ill health.Native may be suffering from Many diseases. If Sun is strong then evil effect reduced and if weak then evil effect may increasing.

4)Sun belongs to head and upper part of Head so if Sun is afflicted in 8th House it may cause for head or face injury.

5) Sun is natural karak of eye sight and 8th House Sun indicating lose of eye sight so native may be suffering from eye sights problem. And Problem in eye sights depanding on Conditions of Sun. If Sun is heavily afflicted and other Eyesight karak and house also afflicted then it may cause for blindness.

6)If Sun occupy 8th House native may be suffering from Fears speaicly regarding own death. If Sun is strong in 8th House native don’t have any fears.

7)8th House also belongs to speculation when Sun occupy 8th House and it is in relation with 8th lord and 11th lord Native may earn very much through Speculation.Sun is belongs to modern things so native may involving modern way of speculation such as stock market, batting etc.

8)Sun in 8th House aspects on 2nd house so its get impact on 2nd house matter also. As Sun is natural Melific so native family may be less or native may be suffering from separation of family or native have less child and more child is male. This conditions is mostly depand of Sun sign and 2nd house sign which indicating conditions of Sun.

9)8th House relation with 2nd house make native drunker when Sun occupy 8th House native may be drunker or any bad habits of “Nasaha ” speaicly when Sun make relation with Rahu.

10)Sun in 8th House also impact native wealth as it aspects from 8th house to 2nd house and in Genral its give poverty and loss through women. But actual results depand on Sun Conditions in Chart.

11)If Sun with Venus in 8th House it may cause highly sexual native and involving in such type work and may lose his health due to his bad habits.

12)If Sun is strong in 8th House native may have attractive personality and good oratory power and a very standard life style.

13)If Sun in 8th House is Debilitated or weak then native may go to Forigen place and settled there or live stay some time there.

14) Sun in 8thhouse native may be involving his soul to religious activities.

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